Classic Meets Current In A Ford Hot Hatch Showdown

The battle for the title of ultimate hot hatch spans decades, and throughout the years we have seen many of the top vehicle manufacturers debuting their own performance variant for the world to see. Whether you purchase one of these vehicles as your next daily driver, or as a weekend project car, the hot hatch has proven a popular choice for many enthusiasts around the world.

…The new Focus RS is more modern looking, but the heritage and shared mindset is clear as day. — Andrew Coley, World Rallycross Presenter

When it comes to the Ford Focus RS, the deep heritage that the RS badge brings with it is unmistakable. And that heritage can easily be traced back over two decades to the original Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Earlier this month, World Rallycross presenter Andrew Coley, along with Ford UK got the chance to compare the two Ford Performance legends and show the world just how similar these two specialty vehicles really are.

“Here we are 20-odd years later and the new Focus RS is more modern looking, but the heritage and shared mindset is clear as day,” Andrew said. “The Focus RS takes a lot from the Escort RS Cosworth.”

Escort RS

The RS badge has captured the hearts of enthusiasts for generations, and Ford Performance did not disappoint with its latest hot hatch.

In the video above, Andrew Coley jumps behind the wheel of both vehicles and gives us a comparison of the two cars. From technology to the visual aspects of both vehicles, Andrew shows us just how similar design cues like the unique roof spoilers pay homage to that rich rally heritage.

“Any RS Ford has to look the part but this is about style and substance,” Andrew explained. “And the Focus RS follows tradition by delivering on both.”

Of course, no comparison would be complete without a test drive in both of the vehicles. And even though the original Escort RS may not be as technologically advanced as our modern-day, torque vectoring Focus, Andrew shows that even after 20 years, the Cosworth’s RS badge and similarities in performance stand the test of time.

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