Ford’s 2000HP Electric SuperVan Sets Goodwood Hill-Climb Record

Ford’s 2000HP Electric SuperVan Sets Goodwood Hill-Climb Record

Rocketing from zero to 60 in under two seconds, four electric motors draw current from a liquid-cooled battery pack and send the thrust to the pavement via a quartet of sticky Avon racing tires mounted on forged OZ wheels. In an instant, the nearly 2,000 horsepower on tap sends this one-off machine hurtling up the historic Goodwood hill in record time.

Completing the climb in a scant 46.59 seconds with an average speed of 138.94 mph, this EV not only claimed the sixth quickest time up the hill but set the world record as the fastest van to complete the climb thus far.

Fitted with a roll cage and racing seats, the SuperVan’s spartan interior still exudes high-tech cool thanks to the digital dash and the vertical SYNC center screen sourced from the Mustang Mach-E parts bin. It not only delivers traditional SYNC functionality, but allows toggling through the SuperVan’s numerous driving modes, which include Road, Track, Drag, Drift, Rally, and Tire Cleaning, i.e. burnout mode. Moreover, an E Boost button delivers a temporary jolt of power and torque. Using real-time data and software for remote vehicle management, Ford Performance trackside engineers can monitor live data, including speed, lap times, and vehicle systems. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

That’s right, this is no exotic supercar, rather it is a Ford SuperVan that carries on a tradition started back in the ’70s by which Ford’s European engineers would show what the latest Transit van could do if they turned it into a high-performance machine.

The new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan ushers in a whole new era of possibilities with an electrified powertrain and the enhanced connectivity… — Mark Rushbrook, Ford Performance Motorsports

“Since 1971, Ford SuperVans have been about exploring what is possible with Transit and pushing the boundaries of performance,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “The new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan ushers in a whole new era of possibilities with an electrified powertrain and the enhanced connectivity of our new, all-electric E-Transit Custom.”


Ford Performance and STARD equipped the SuperVan with a full complement of functional aero upgrades, including the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear cutaways, and dorsal fin. They combine to amplify downforce and increase grip.

Those aforementioned electric motors are bespoke units created specifically for the SuperVan. They draw current from a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery and operate at the behest of a unique control system. Fitted to a track-ready chassis with a steel spaceframe and lightweight composite body panels based on the E-Transit Custom 1, this powertrain delivers eye-watering power, yet the vehicle can still be recharged in just 45 minutes using a traditional fast-charger.

Riding on an unequal-length, double-wishbone front and rear suspension, the SuperVan benefits from Motorsport-grade front and rear subframes, uprights, and brakes commensurate with its high level of performance. Advanced electronic controls offer traction control, launch control, a pit-lane speed limiter, and three-stage regenerative braking.

“We’re bringing SuperVan into the 21st century with 2,000 PS of all-electric power for unmatched excitement and unmistakable styling inspired by the new E-Transit Custom. But performance isn’t all about horsepower — the Electric SuperVan’s processing power means engineers can use real-time vehicle data to optimize its performance, just like on a top-level racing car,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports.

In practice, it surely seemed effective at both performing on the hill and drawing attention to the Blue Oval’s EV van efforts. With experienced driver Romain Dumas —who had previously competed at Goodwood, Pikes Peak, Le Mans, and on the Nurburgring — behind the wheel, the SuperVan took on a lineup of incredible performance machines and finished just outside the top five times up the hill.


“The chance to be part of the iconic SuperVan story and reimagine what it could be in the 21st century was a dream opportunity,” said Amko Leenarts, director, Design, Ford of Europe. “The fourth chapter of the SuperVan story is designed to be the fastest, most extreme yet while keeping the Transit DNA. The proportions are a more dramatic version of what we developed for the E-Transit Custom and the front light bar creates a futuristic expression, making the Electric SuperVan the absolute pinnacle of Transit design language.”

Imagine what Ford’s next EV performance prototype might be capable of running.

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