Fox ’Stang Launches With Moser’s Super-Fox Package

Moser Engineering is one of only a few household names when it comes to performance and racing gear sets and rearends. Fabricated housings designed to take the punishment of hard launches, shock loads and high horsepower are one of the staples in the Moser lineup.

The company doesn’t limit its support to just housings, of course, as custom axles, links, gears and more can be pieced together to create a stout rearend package. Instead of cherry-picking parts to make a combination you want, Moser has done the leg work and developed several race-winning and proven packages. Above we see the Super-Fox package in action!

James Kay and his red Fox Mustang won the round we see in the video and took the runner-up slot at his first race out in the National No-Prep Racing Association. With this sort of organized, yet impromptu format of drag racing gaining momentum and popularity quickly, Moser has a one-stop shop package to equip the ever-popular Fox Mustang.Moser

Facing into the setting sun James burns the tires and gives his nitrous system a final purge. Staged at the lights the tree flashes green and he gets the hole-shot, launching straight and pulling the front tires. The tunability of Moser products lends confidence that you don’t get-what-you-get with a new rearend geometry.

The Super-Fox package allows builders to elect different combinations of spline counts, bolt-patterns, studs, brakes, and other custom considerations. The M9 housing incorporate the aforementioned shock mounting and control arm locations to dial-in the perfect launch.

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