Horsepower Wars: Let The Battle Begin

Are you ready for the war to end all wars? No, not the one you are probably thinking of right now. We’re talking about Horsepower Wars, an all-new, internet-based automotive show where gearheads, and your favorite car manufacturers, go head-to-head in internally combusted battle to establish ultimate bragging rights.

But how does that happen exactly you ask? Simple. It all goes down on the track or on the dyno. And after the dust settles, you’ll know exactly who is head honcho. Horsepower Wars is set to kick off this month with Pony Wars followed by the $10K Drag ShootoutLS vs. Coyote Part 2, and finally the True Street Dyno Challenge.

Backed by some of the best companies in the industry such as Summit RacingMickey ThompsonHolleyProChargerCOMP Cams, and many more, things are about to get crazy. As we mentioned earlier, things will kick off with Pony Wars, a challenge that pits a 2017 Camaro SS and Mustang GT in a fight for brand supremacy. Each car is alloted a budget for modifications and at the end of it all, only one will be crowned king of the pony cars.

On the heels of Pony Wars, is the $10K Drag Shootout where teams will compete to build the fastest drag car possible using just $10,000 and their skills. With teams entered from all over the country, including several familiar faces, it’s sure to be a knock-down, drag-out fight for dominance at the drag strip. Will a rag-tag bunch of shade-tree mechanics lay the smack down on a team of seasoned pros? Crazier things have happened, so you’ll have to tune in.

Make sure you don’t miss a second by heading over to and signing up to be alerted when new content drops. The Horsepower Wars start in just a few weeks, so buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Chase Christensen hails from Salt Lake City, and grew up around high-performance GM vehicles. He took possession of his very first F-body— an ’86 Trans Am— at the age of 13 and has been wrenching ever since.
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