How To Install Moser’s True Fox-Body M88 8.8 Rear End Package

The rear suspension of a high-horsepower street/strip car has to be strong since it will be subjected to driving on the road and abuse at the track. If your weapon of choice is the ever-popular Fox Body Mustang, Moser Engineering’s M88 Fox Body True Bolt-In Rear Suspension Package should be on your radar. This package lets you add strength to the rear suspension of your ‘Stang and doesn’t require major modifications.

Not everyone wants to make significant changes to their car to accommodate a heavy-duty rear end and the compromises that come with it. The Moser M88 Fox-Body True Bolt-In Rear Suspension Package avoids all of that since it allows the car to use the factory 8.8-inch rear end platform. Moser designed the M88 Fox-Body True Bolt-In Rear Suspension package so anyone can install it at home without any special tools or welding.

The kit comes with everything you need, including control arms, an anti-roll bar, mounting hardware, and other accessories. You have the option of using 28-, 31-, 33-, or 35- spline axles with the kit, along with several differential options. The package is shipped to your door unassembled and bare, but you can have it fully assembled and powder-coated if you want.

In this video from Moser Engineering, Tim Irwin walks you through the process of how to install the M88 Fox-Body True Bolt-In Rear Suspension Package. Tim provides a few tips to make the installation a little easier. If you want to learn more about the M88 Fox-Body True Bolt-In Rear Suspension package, check out Moser Engineering’s website right here.

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