How To Install Team Z Through-The-Floor Subframe Connectors

Subframe connectors are a must-have modification for any vehicle that doesn’t have a full frame under it and will be taken to the dragstrip. Team Z Motorsports has a couple of subframe connector choices for 1979-2004 Mustangs, and its through-the-floor subframe connectors are the strongest available. In this video, Dave Zimmerman shows us how to install a set of through-the-floor subframe connectors.

Through-the-floor subframe connectors do an outstanding job of tying the chassis together on a Mustang; the rigidity these subframe connectors provide ensures you’re getting the most power to the ground by eliminating chassis flex. These subframe connectors do require more effort to install than other styles, since they are run through the floor of the vehicle.

Team Z’s through-the-floor subframe connectors use thick square-steel material for the main parts of the connectors and outriggers. The subframe connectors are anchored to the chassis via steel plates at the critical contact points. Team Z includes extra square-steel material in case your Mustang has larger tolerances than the majority of the cars that were built.

Zimmerman has helped build countless Mustangs in his shop so he knows what it takes to set up one of these installations the right way. In the video, he notes that you must remove the car’s interior, protect any glass from sparks, and make sure the vehicle is perfectly level. Zimmerman does an outstanding job explaining everything you need to know when it comes to installing a set of Team Z through-the-floor subframe connectors to make the job easier for the end-user.

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