How To Select The Right Transmission Controller From US Shift

OEM automatic transmissions have evolved into a highly complex driveline part that’s infused with NASA-level technology to ensure every ounce of power reaches the ground. While that technology is nice, it can make tuning a modern transmission a challenge — but US Shift has an answer for gearheads who crave horsepower.

The Quick 4 and Quick 2 Stand-Alone Transmission Control Systems from US Shift each provide great control of the GM 4L60E, GM 4L80E, Ford AOD-E, Ford 4R70W, Ford 4R75, Ford E4OD, and Ford 4R100 lines of transmissions. These computer-controlled transmissions all have found their way into different performance applications because they work with modern high-performance engines, so US Shift wanted to provide users with a way to get the most out of these units.

If you’re looking for a simple way to work with your computer-controlled transmission, the Quick 2 is the best place to start. The Quick 2 uses US Shift’s REVolution architecture, which allows you to data-log your transmission, provides diagnostics features, can detect transmission slip, and doesn’t require a computer to adjust most settings.

When a vehicle requires a more robust transmission control solution the Quick 4 is designed to get the job done. US Shift packed the Quick 4 with advanced algorithms that give the user the most shift control possible, torque converter clutch control, line pressure control, a burnout mode, and much more.

Check out this video from US Shift that goes over each unit and breaks down which one will work the best for your application. To learn more about the Quick 2 and Quick 4 Stand-Alone Transmission Control Systems, check out the US Shift website right here.

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