IRS-Equipped 2019 Mustang Rips Off A 7.2-Second Quarter-Mile Record

IRS-Equipped 2019 Mustang Rips Off A 7.2-Second Quarter-Mile Record

When Ford developed the S550 Mustang as a global platform, an independent rear suspension became an essential part of the package. While the arrival of modern architecture delivered improved handling and ride quality, there was initially a question of whether it could deliver as well on the quarter-mile.

I’ve not tuned a car that’s been a 4.6 to the eighth or a 7.2 to the quarter… until today… — Jon Lund II, Lund Racing

Thanks to the exploits of Vic Torretto’s 2019 Mustang GT, we can officially table that concern. With hot shoe Boyd Bumbera behind the wheel, Torretto’s S550 ripped off an insane 7.26-second elapsed time at 189.42 mph. As you see in the video, it smoothly jumps out of the hole with an impressive 1.15 60-foot time.

“So we officially have the fastest IRS Mustang in the world on the first track day and the second full pass,” said Vic, who set out on this mission by giving Manual Gomez at Midnight Performance a blank check to see what he could accomplish with the car.

Torretto’s Build

Writing that check allowed formulating a combination based on an RPG Racing Engines-built Level 3 Gen 3 Coyote, which features Darton sleeves Manley Extreme pistons, Manley billet I-beam rods, King bearings, ARP fasteners, and more. It is rated for as much as 1,500 horsepower, which comes in handy because in Torretto’s car it is boosted by a Midnight Performance low-mount twin-turbo kit fitted with two Precision Turbo 6466 turbochargers.


At first glance you might see another S550 with drag wheels and tires. However, Vic Torretto’s 2019 Mustang GT recently ran the quickest quarter-mile with a Gen 3 Coyote engine. It is also the quickest Mustang that still retains a factory engine controller in the kick panel. (Photo Credit: Vic Toretto)

Still wearing the factory direct injection fuel pump and direct injectors, which are augmented by Injector Dynamics ID2600 port injectors and a Fore Innovations fuel system pumping One Ethanol R fuel, this record-setting ride still rocks a factory PCM. Making the magic happen within than controller is a custom Lund Racing calibration.

“I’ve not tuned a car that’s been a 4.6 to the eighth or a 7.2 to the quarter… until today,” said Jon Lund II of Lund Racing, which enjoys a close working relationship with Midnight Performance.

Putting the Power Down

The car delivers that power to the pavement with a factory-style IRS and stock 3.55 gears. A Powerglide automatic transmission replaces the 10R80 in the tunnel. An NLR Motorsports Electronics AMS2000 helps manage the output and a Midnight Performance suspension setup plants the Mickey Thompson ET Street R 315/50-17 tires in drama-free fashion.

Its performance is all the more impressive because it is a street car that still retains creature comforts like an audio system and air conditioning. However, just because it is streetable and insanely quick doesn’t mean this project has run its course just yet

“The goal is to keep it where it’s at and be consistent,” Torretto added. “And, maybe touch a high six with different turbos.”

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