Jordan Performance’s Simple Turbo 2020 Mustang GT Crushes 1,000 RWHP

Justin Jordan of Jordan Performance & Racing is no stranger to fast Mustangs, as he’s owned several record-setting single-digit cars in the past. To showcase his shop’s capabilities, he recently invested in this brand-new 2020 10-speed automatic Mustang to display what’s possible using a reasonable modification list that offers maximum return on investment.

The package’s highlight is the well-known Hellion Power Systems Sleeper twin-turbo kit offered for 2018-up Mustangs, along with select other upgrades JPR installed to support the power level without going into overkill mode. These changes are based upon Jordan’s research and personal experience with this platform and have proven themselves over time. The turbo system features a pair of Hellion’s Sleeper 62mm billet wheel turbochargers and a massive 6-inch-core intercooler mounted in the nose, which catapulted the Mustang to record a massive 1,008 rear-wheel-horsepower figure as Jordan prepares the car for racing at the NMRA season opener.

Hellion’s billet wheel Sleeper turbos powered Jordan’s Mustang to more than 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower at 15 psi boost pressure.

“It has a Boundary oil pump gear and timing gear along with their high-flow backing plate. Rather than trying to work on it [the engine] in the car, I pulled the motor and trans out since I had to send the trans to Brett LaSala of MSRacing to have him put clutches in it anyway,” he says.

“We’ve done some of these Sleeper kits before, and for whatever reason, Gen 3 valve springs kinda suck. It seems to be a big deal on the turbo cars because the turbos come on hard and make the engine unhappy, so since I was already in there, I called Tim Eichhorn at MPR Racing Engines, and he sent me his valve spring kit for this engine. We also changed the secondary cam chains. Otherwise, the engine is stock. I don’t want the limit to be valve springs; I want the limit to be a rod or a piston,” he says.

Jordan installed new oil pump gears, new secondary timing chains, and new MPR valve springs in preparation for four-digit horsepower.

Jordan tells us that while the turbo system installation is time-consuming even for an experienced shop like JPR, it’s not as difficult as one might expect as Hellion Power Systems has engineered the components to fit right the first time.

Any time you install a turbo kit, you have to put the turbos in, clock them, test-fit components to make sure they will clear body and engine parts; there is a lot of checking and re-checking to ensure a perfect installation.

1320Junkie Performance ported the intake manifold and Jordan installed one of Fore Innovations' fuel systems to ensure the Mustang had enough fuel volume to support the horsepower level.

With the engine package dialed in and back in the car, he turned his attention to the suspension to set the car up for straightline duty. Kelly Aiken of KellTrac set him up with KellTrac-tuned Viking coilovers for the front and a complement of BMR Suspension components to keep the independent rear suspension under control when four-digit horsepower is applied. A QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft receives power from the LaSala-built 10R80 transmission and delivers it to the differential.

Fitting the intercooler into the car's nose took a bit of massaging and ultimately paid off in the power production department.

“I bought this car for a very specific purpose. It’s not to be the fastest out there, not to be setting a record for this or that. I don’t care about that — I’ve already got a record-setting car. I bought this car to showcase what the shop can do, the quality of our work, and to take a car that’s pretty popular with a relatively inexpensive parts list and see how fast we can go,” he says.

We’ll be watching.

This graph speaks for itself — all the horsepowers!

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