Keep It Cool: Design Engineering Inc. Reflective Fuel Can Covers

Good fuel is a critical factor if you want your car to run like a champ. As fuel gets old, it loses its octane efficiency, drastically affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Most paddocks and pit areas require fuel to be stored outside for safety reasons. Heat and sunlight are two of the biggest enemies of fuel, but what happens if you leave your super expensive race gas out in the sun all day?

Over time the race fuel will degrade notably if it’s left to cook under the extreme heat of the sun. It’s for this reason that most race fuel companies recommend restricting exposure of sunlight to the fuel. Extreme heat makes the fuel less stable and can also reduce fuel effectiveness. The temperature also kills the life of the fuel and decreases the potential for maximum combustion.

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) is here to save your fuel with their new reflective fuel can covers. These covers are made out of lightweight, reflective material, and the covers feature sewn-in pull tabs for quick and effortless removal. Velcro flaps provide a snug and tight fit around the fuel can keeping both heat and light away from the fuel.

DEI’s reflective fuel covers are available in six different sizes.

#010467, Reflective Round Cover (5 gallons)
#010471 Reflective Fuel Jug Cover (For 5 gallon VP square fuel jug)
#010484 Reflective Fuel Drum Cover (For 54-gallon metal fuel can)
#010489 Reflective Fuel Jug Cover (For 5 gallon VP plastic round jug)
#010498 Reflective Fuel Can Cover (For 11-gallon metal dump can)
#010033 Reflective Fuel Can Cover (For 5 gallon Scribner plastic square jug)

Protect your investment with DEI’s Reflective Can Covers. For more information about other high-performance thermal products, visit You can also connect with DEI on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or their YouTube channel for the very latest products and company news.

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