Knock Out The Competition With A 2,000+HP Sleeper S550 Turbo System

Knock Out The Competition With A 2,000+HP Sleeper S550 Turbo System

These days, making power with Coyote-motivated Mustangs is as easy as ordering the right combo. However, if you want to keep your 2015+ Mustang’s elevated performance on the down low when the hood is popped, there haven’t been many options — until now. For 15 years, Hellion Power Systems has produced bolt-on turbocharger systems for modern performance vehicles. The latest, dubbed the Street Sleeper, delivers up to 2,000 hidden horsepower.

We went back to our roots and developed the most innovative system we have ever produced — the Street Sleeper. — John Urist, Hellion Power Systems

“This kit will meet the needs of every type of customer. On a base level, the kit is affordable, installs easier than most superchargers, and will outperform any combination on the market today!” John Urist, President of Hellion Power Systems, explained. “On a modified vehicle, we are able to offer up to a system outfitted with twin Precision 76mm turbos that can easily make over 2,000 rear-wheel horsepower if that type of performance is needed. This is the baddest kit to ever be released by Hellion, and we can’t wait to see it unleashed on the drag strip!”

If unassuming performance is your game, Hellion Power Systems now offers a hidden twin-turbo system that can take your 2015 and newer Mustang from 700 to 1,700 rear-wheel horsepower, depending on the supporting hardware. (Photo Credit: Hellion Power Systems)

As you probably know, Hellion already produces potent turbocharger systems that have pushed the latest Mustang into the four-digit stratosphere. So, why would the company develop another kit? It’s pretty simple. Not every customer wants to see those turbo units under the hood.

Hellion Street Sleeper Twin-Turbo System Features

• Base kit price is $6,395

• Bolt-on system is easily installed and removed with body modifications

• Dual Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 wastegates for boost control

• Dual Turbosmart Vee Port Pro blow-off valves

• Standard 62mm Sleeper turbos

• Sheet metal bar-and-plate air-to-air Hellion intercooler

• Turbo system can bolt up to stock exhaust or 3-inch cat-back systems

• Air-to-water intercooler (optional)

• Blackout visual package (optional)

• Complete fuel injector and tuning packages (optional)

• Multiple turbochargers available as upgrades, including Borg-Warner, Garrett and Precision (optional)

• Fuel system upgrades (optional)

• Turbosmart E-Boost 2 boost controller (optional)

“We originally developed a ‘hidden’ system over 10 years ago on our GT500 compound system. At that time, hidden was ‘in.’ We continually got requests for a top-mount visible twin system. We listened to our customers and released a ‘in your face,’ top-mount twin kit for the 2011 GT,” John enthused. “That kit was, and still is in high demand. We continued this trend with our 2015-up S550 systems keeping the turbos up top and visible. This year, with the resurgence of ultimate street cars that keep a sleeper image, we went back to our roots and developed the most innovative system we have ever produced — the Street Sleeper.”

You might be quick to assume that hiding the turbos would require some performance compromises, but the new Hellion systems’ design delivers the same type of performance as its top-mount systems.

When Hellion says “hidden,” the company isn’t kidding. This might as well be a stock Coyote with an aftermarket inlet tube as far as your competition is concerned. “We have listened to our customers who desired a different design for the S550 Mustangs. This new system places the turbos in a hidden location — all factory hoses, air box and connections stay intact!” John Urist, President of Hellion Power Systems, said. “You can open the hood and it will just look like any stock Coyote V8 with a cold-air intake. However, it twin-turbo system that is fully adjustable from five to 40 pounds of boost and performance levels anywhere from 600 to over 1700+ rear-wheel horsepower!”

“We have tested both systems on two different cars. We tested our base-model kit on a bone stock 2017 GT, which made 689 rear-wheel horsepower on 91-octane fuel, and we pushed the limit of this kit on our record-setting 2015 GT making over 1,600 rear-wheel horsepower repeatedly. These numbers are right on par with our existing kits.”

Likewise, these hidden systems don’t restrict customers from optioning them to fit their performance goals. A full complement of options is available to push a Coyote into the four-digit range.

​“The Street Sleeper series was built with multiple goals in mind — stock look, minimal intrusion to the car, multiple turbo choices, several fuel options, ease of installation, and a more affordable base price​,” John said. “We will continue to offer the Eliminator kit, but we are able to now meet all customer needs with our existing in-your-face kit or a ‘hidden’ kit to keep that bone stock look that is all the rage.”

Under the fascia and beneath the car is where the boost-building muscle hides. A massive air-to-air intercooler cools the boost from two under-car turbos. The base system includes 62mm Sleeper turbos with cast-aluminum wheels, but bigger, racier turbo options are available.

Better yet, keeping the system hidden also means it’s easier to install, so it’s a win-win for hidden horsepower fans.

​“The Street Sleeper kit has been designed to install in a shorter time due to the nature of the turbo position,” John said. “We have no doubt that a system can be installed in a single day with the proper tools.​”

For more on these systems, check out the company’s site right here.

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