MagneRide Makes The 2018 Mustang More Athletic

Ever since the MagneRide suspension debuted in the Mustang with the 2015 Shelby GT350, we have appreciated its ability to adjust on the fly to the road conditions and change dynamically based on the car’s pre-programmed Drive Modes. It also happens to be the same technology that helps amputee athletes compete in skiing and snowboarding events.

MagneRide helps drivers to react to changing conditions in real time… — Joe Bakaj, Ford

The same Magnetorheological fluid employed in the optional 2018 Mustang suspension is employed in artificial knee joints to better absorb bumps and improve reaction times upon landing after a jump.

The 2018 Mustang’s optional MagneRide suspension employs the same technology used in artificial knee joints.

“Athletes compete in extremely challenging conditions where control is everything. Similarly, with Mustang, MagneRide helps drivers to react to changing conditions in real time by delivering exactly the right response for each situation,” Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe, explained.

In the case of the Mustang, the system improves ride and handling as the vehicle’s onboard sensors monitor the road surface and instruct the car’s onboard computers to control the iron particles suspended in the damper oil with electromagnets. These adjustments can occur up to 1,000 times per second to firm or soften the damping.

The MagneRide suspension option adds another $1,695 to the tally of your Mustang, but you also must order the Performance Package. However, both really improve the performance of the car, so if you have the means, they are definitely worth considering.

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