Meet MegaRaptor, The Latest Mega-Creation From MegaRexx Trucks

Meet MegaRaptor, The Latest Mega-Creation From MegaRexx Trucks

If you are looking for what many would call the ultimate truck, then MegaRexx Trucks recently unveiled something right up your alley. Behold the latest build within their highly popular MegaRaptor line. The company’s newest MegaRaptor began life as a stock 2022 F-250 4×4 Crew-Cab Lariat, equipped with Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel V8. After significant modification, the Megaraptor took on a facade all its own, proving to be every bit as luxurious, as it is physically capable.

The MegaRexx team initiated this build by enhancing the stock F-250’s stance and beefing up its mechanical footprint. This involved retrofitting the truck’s gearing to that of a 4.88 ratio, before computer-programming its speedometer to compensate for this modification, as well as a host of additional upgrades.

A set of custom MegaRexx radius arms were also installed, as were Fox Racing shocks, and a fully-adjustable Icon track bar. Additionally, a set of three-piece, all-aluminum military-spec MRAP wheels became standard fare. These rims utilize no spacers, directly fitting to the F-250’s hubs, and feature custom rock rings for additional protection.

MegaRexx chose Michelin as the supplier of choice for the MegaRaptor’s tires. Mounted to the latest MegaRaptor’s military-spec rims are a set of heavy-duty 46×15.5 (395/85R20) Michelin XZL tires.

However, the chore of achieving proper fitment of this robust wheel combo also required a significant degree of additional modification in itself. In fact, the F-250 Lariat’s firewall had to be trimmed in order to compensate for the installation of the MegaRaptor’s oversized tires. In order to enhance structural rigidity following this modification, a reinforced plate was fitted and welded into the remaining void.

As mentioned, the MegaRaptor houses a 6.7-liter Power Stroke within its engine bay, complete with 475 horsepower, and 1,050 lb-ft of torque on tap. This power is delivered to the MegaRaptor’s wheels via a TorqueShift 10-speed automatic transmission, featuring Selectable Drive Modes.

Cosmetically, the MegaRaptor is equally impressive, showcasing a host of aggressive upgrades. Some of the most notable modifications of this type include the addition of a custom grille, stadium bumper, and Anzo Switchback headlights.

The MegaRaptor also received one-of-a-kind paintwork, consisting of a dual-tone black and white color scheme. While a significant portion of the truck showcases white livery (Star White Metallic Tri-Coat), all points above the truck’s window line are painted black.

Like all MegaRaptor builds before it, MegaRexx’s latest creation also comes fully loaded, sparing no expense in terms of luxury or accommodations. Several of the MegaRaptor’s most notable interior features include a power twin-panel panoramic moonroof, power-adjustable pedals, power telescoping/tilt steering wheel, rain-sensing wipers, remote start, and a remote-actuated tailgate. Additionally, the MegaRaptor’s interior is finished in Black Onyx perforated leather.

This specialty build also hosts a full range of Infotainment technology, thereby providing a more interactive driving experience. The latest edition of the MegaRaptor features FordPass Connect 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Sync 4 technology with a 12-inch touchscreen monitor, and a voice-activated navigation system with HD and SiriusXM Satellite radio. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included.

All things considered, the MegaRaptor pushes the bounds of what is currently possible, in terms of upfitting and aftermarket modification. While this MegaRexx-derived F-250 Lariat is heavily modified, all has been done in good taste, and with a significant degree of purpose. This latest version of the MegaRaptor is sure to turn heads wherever it is found. We’re also certain it will inspire others to set lofty goals when modifying their own trucks to better suit their needs.

Of course, this is nothing new for Aaron Richardet and his team at MegaRexx. The company itself is no stranger to crafting custom trucks, of the highest possible quality. With a number of builds beneath their belt, the MegaRexx crew has mastered the art of turning unique concepts into rolling masterpieces.

“MegaRaptors are hand-crafted luxury super-trucks,” said Aaron Richardet, owner of MegaRexx. “Every build makes a statement. And with each owner adding his own options, no two are ever alike”.

With the latest MegaRaptor concept poised to become the bar by which all other custom builds are judged, it is safe to say that the industry will be seeing much more out of MegaRexx in the very near future. For further inquiries regarding MegaRexx customs, the company can be reached at (910) 465-0270, or at

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