Mike Murillo Cranks Up The Boost With Kooks Exhaust

IMG_6377For years, Kooks Headers has stood by the quality of its products and the throngs of racers that run their exhaust components. A prime example of this dedication is the amount of involvement enlisted in getting 14-time champion Mike Murillo’s car back into working order after a devastating wreck.

IMG_9397“For almost fours years we’ve partnered with Kooks Headers, and after the crash they really stepped up to the plate,” said Murillo. “They proved once again that they’re the best exhaust company on the market, period.”

The newest revision to LaFawnduh (Murillo’s iconic Fox body Mustang) includes a new placement the turbo inlets. Murillo’s team moved the massive Precision Pro Mod turbos from the center of the bumper to the lower outsides of each of the front bumper, mirroring the iconic look of a Fox body Mustang GT’s foglights.


Kooks was also tasked with improving the exhaust flow from the 540 cubic inch Ford powerplant to these enormous turbos, and the redesign of the headers and hot-side piping is showing some promising results. The new setup features 3.5-inch crossovers and 4-inch intake piping. This entire overhaul was performed within a weeks time and allowed him to reintroduce the world to this twin-turbocharged Mustang at the American Outlaw Live event on May 6-7.

Nothing is more gratifying than watching a racer rebound after such a devastating turn of events. We look forward to seeing what kind of performance results from the newest collaboration between Kooks and Murillo Motorsports.


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Justen is a Ford modular motor fanatic with seven years of professional drag racing experience, and multiple championship seasons in NMCA West and PSCA. Originally from Las Vegas, he is the proud owner of four Mustangs, one that sees regular track time. When not racing, Justen can be found in the garage maintaining his championship-winning car.
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