Mustang 50th Pony Drive Day Two With Team Mustang Girls

Team Mustang Girls continued their journey on the Pony Drive to Asheville yesterday. And they made it! Which was questionable at the beginning of the day!

Courtney woke up at 6 am and started the day by checking on the car. After the trip from South Carolina to Tennessee the brake fluid level was really low and she was happy to see that it was still full and happy and there wasn’t a problem with the brake line. Then around 7:30 the girls were ready to roll to meet up with 177 other ponies for the drive to Asheville. And it happened. That noise that any person hates to hear. Wuh Wuh Wuh and no bavroom after. The car wouldn’t fire up. Courtney was used to having to set the choke and give a little gas to get things started. But none of that was working.  Then came the fear that she flooded the engine.

She popped the hood, checked the plugs and removed the air cleaner.  The choke was working, gas was getting to the carb, at first -then after a closer look and following the line to the fuel pump she had a hand full of gas. The line had come lose. Awesome! Easy fix right?  Not if you drained the battery from cranking the car too much! Courtney saw a friendly looking couple and asked  for a jump.  They replied the car was a rental and wasn’t capable of  jumping another vehicle. Instead of explaining that their magical rental car actually was also equipped with a battery she found someone else and got the car running.


To add to the already eventful day the girls were getting gas when a fellow mustang owner accidentally ran over a curb and got stuck. He couldn’t continue going forward without ripping off his exhaust and when he tried to reverse there were unhappy noises. Courtney thought back to all the times she loaded down the trunk for rallies and had to adjust the head lights because the angles changed. So the girls sat on the back of the trunk while the man reversed and made it back over the curb without hurting a thing! 

And then the day actually started! The girls met up with the rest of the ponies at the drivers meeting only to find out that the Tail of the Dragon route was canceled due to ice and snow. Courtney is a little stubborn and debated doing it anyway but luckily she has good friends along that tell her when she’s being a dumbass!  And it was a good thing that she listened because within an hour of leaving Nashville the weather began to turn and all of a sudden the 75 degree weather from the day before disappeared and was replaced with snow and sleet!

But a little weather wasn’t going to stop these Mustangs from getting one step closer to the Anniversary in Charlotte. The looks from the random driver that got stuck in a pack Mustangs were priceless. Courtney said the feeling of driving with all those mustangs and people coming together with a shared passion was incredible and something she will never forget! And they get to do it all today! 

Team Mustang Girls would like to thank Kicker, Speed Direct, Roadtrippers, Steeroids, Impact Image Group, Scott Drake, JBA Performance, National Parts Depot, Optima Battery, Old Air Products, Ididit, Classic Instruments, Mustang Club of America and StangTV for helping make their Pony Drive!

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