All-Ford Show Brings Mustangs, Broncos, And F100s To Maggie Valley

Maggie Valley is situated in the south-central region of North Carolina, nestled within the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Renowned for its scenic beauty, it holds a prominent position among the key tourist destinations in the Carolinas. Furthermore, it has recently emerged as a significant hub for car enthusiasts and collectors, establishing itself as a prime location for car shows.

A Grand Location For A Car Show

Among these shows, those organized by the Surfboard Promotions organization have gained substantial traction. Notably, Maggie Valley stands out as a pivotal stop for various car shows hosted by this organization. Among the prominent events is the Moonshine F-100s In The Valley show, which exclusively features Ford vehicles. Additionally, Mustang enthusiasts are treated to the exhilarating Mustangs In The Valley event, while fans of Broncos can partake in the captivating Broncos In The Valley gathering.

Maggie Valley

More than 300 of these custom Ford vehicles embarked on a journey from various locations across the eastern United States to converge at this remarkable valley show. Alongside them, a diverse array of over thirty vendors offered an assortment of items, ranging from diecast cars to a wide variety of Ford parts. Notably, there were even a few complete vehicles available, holding promise as engaging projects for enthusiasts.

The venue for this grand spectacle is none other than the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, strategically positioned within the heart of Maggie Valley itself. As the sun dawned on Thursday, the procession of Ford vehicles began to arrive, with participants eager to secure prime spaces on the festival grounds for the two-day event. The process of registration commenced bright and early on Friday, extending until noon on Saturday.

Maggie Valley

Cruising Through Maggie Valley

Come Friday afternoon, participants began to venture out, seeking a bite to eat before proceeding to line the main thoroughfare that winds through the valley. Here, they had the chance to marvel at the impressive array of vehicles that paraded up and down this central strip.

With the dawn of Saturday, the festival grounds’ gates swung open at 8 a.m., signaling the commencement of preparations for judging. Participants eagerly set to work, meticulously sprucing up their vehicles in anticipation of the judging process. Spearheading this operation was Rodney Buckner, overseer of Surfboard Promotions, and his dedicated team, who initiated the intricate task of evaluating the exceptional Ford vehicles assembled for the event.

The weekend weather leaned towards the warmer side, underscoring the importance of staying cool throughout the day. As the clock struck around 4 PM, participants began to assemble in front of the main stage, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the trophy winners.

A Bucket List Show

For those who hold a special fondness for F-100 trucks, Mustangs, and Broncos, this event emerged as an absolute haven of delight. To stay abreast of the latest updates regarding the 2024 editions of the Moonshine F-100 show, Mustangs in the Valley, and Broncos in the Valley, I recommend consistently checking the Surfboard Promotion website for forthcoming dates. It’s time to initiate your plans to be part of this exceptional and captivating event.

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