New APG Bronco ProRunner Conversion: The Ultimate Ford Bronco?

How do you make the Ford Bronco better looking and built for serious go-fast romping through the desert? Automotive Performance Group has the answer with their highly anticipated Bronco ProRunner Conversion Package. This system allows for any owner of a 2021 Ford Bronco to convert and upgrade with the most choice and premium parts. How do all-composite 14-inch fender flares accommodating 40-inch tires with up to 14.5-inches of front wheel travel sound?

This is a conversion kit system. What is included and what are the options? It appears there are two versions of the suspension kit and three options of the composite fender flares.

New APG Bronco ProRunner Conversion: The Ultimate Ford Bronco?

The Bronco ProRunner Conversion Suspension

  • Long travel Suspension Kit #1: 14.5-inches of wheel travel fitted with 40-inch tires
  • Long travel Suspension Kit #2: 16-inches of wheel travel fitted with 37-inch tires
  • 3.0-inch King Race Series coilovers and 2.5-inch triple bypass shocks
  • Includes 3.5-inch wider billet upper and boxed lower control arms
  • Wider heavy-duty steering tie rods
  • Raised and reinforced front shock towers with air bump supports

The Bronco ProRunner Conversion Composite Body

  • Hand-laid and vacuum-infused carbon-fiber front and rear fenders
  • An exposed carbon-fender flare edge
  • Three width options are available in ¾-inch, 3-inch, and 5-inch widths
  • A carbon-fiber hood insert with LED marker lights
  • OEM-level fit and finish with improved durability

New APG Bronco ProRunner Conversion: The Ultimate Ford Bronco?

What Else Is APG Doing To Upgrade The Ultimate Bronco?

  • Additional performance upgrades include a 7-inch wider Ultimate Dana 60TM rear axle
  • Ultimate Dana 44TM front-drive unit
  • 300M HD RCV axles
  • Accessory mounts
  • A full-length one-piece hardtop

Automotive Performance Group Ordering And Installation

Pre-orders for the Bronco ProRunner Package start on August 1, 2022, with production beginning in the fall of 2022.

APG offers white-glove installation of the Bronco ProRunner Performance Package at facility in Garden Grove, California. Everything including wheels, tires, paint, and aftermarket accessories can be arranged to deliver a turn-key vehicle to you. Additional aftermarket accessories include racks, lighting, performance modifications, armor, and more.

Is The Bronco ProRunner Conversion Legit?

Sound too good to be true? The announcement was just made this morning on Friday, July 22 in a press release. Image assets look about as real as they can get but, I am 100-percent certain they are rendered, computer-designed models. The video all but confirms that. With that being said, Automotive Performance Group (APG) has a proven track record with its Ford Ranger ProRunner platform.

I have seen these built to the max off-road Rangers in person and even toured the APG facility in Garden Grove, California. They are delivering premium-level high-performance products. The manufacturing process, craftsmanship, fit, and finish are some of the best I have seen in the automotive aftermarket, which says a lot.

My only gripe is, why now? What took so long and where is the real physical first article completely built? APG was quick to deliver the first ProRunner Ranger. The new Ford Broncos have been trickled out and most orders are now being fulfilled finally after two years. I guess the answer is perfection takes time. I really loved what they did to upgrade the Ford Ranger into what I always thought it could have been.

I guess I appreciate what Ford offered with the new Bronco, and I really appreciate what can be done to it with aftermarket goodies. What are your thoughts? Can the “Ultimate Bronco” handle 40s? If you are a new Bronco owner will you be dropping the $30k to go all out?  Drop your comments below.

New APG Bronco ProRunner Conversion: The Ultimate Ford Bronco?

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