New From DEI: Form-A-Barrier Bendable Heat Reflector

DEI has been protecting components under the hood since 1995. Their all-new bendable Form-A-Barrier is the perfect way to guard your vehicle’s heat-sensitive components from you guessed it, heat. A lot of heat too.

DEI’s Form-A-Barrier is capable of protecting the components of your car up to 1300-degrees Farienheight, with a minimal gap of only one inch from the heat source. The Form-A-Barrier is super lightweight yet remains rigid and is still easily formable. This product is perfect for those tight and awkward spaces in the engine bay or on any motorsport applications.

The Form-A-Barrier sheet is 12″ x 12″, 3/16″ thick and made with high-temperature foam with reflective material on both sides. The rigid sheet can be easily formed by hand in the most awkward positions. With it in place, fasten it down with screws or bolts for super long-lasting protection. With an MSRP of only $21.25, there is no reason to leave your vehicle’s heat-sensitive components from being unprotected. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

For more information about DEI’s full line of heat protection products, visit To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news, check out DEI on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to subscribe to DEI’s YouTube channel.

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