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When our classic cars were new — or at least fairly new — some were equipped with power steering. This “option” made turning the car while at slow speeds easy, but the system relied on a pump moving fluid through hoses while under pressure. The resistance caused by the building of pressure did rob a few ponies from the engine, but leaks were a main issue that plagued many power steering units.

Many enthusiasts also felt this luxury robbed too much horsepower, and they unceremoniously removed the offending parts. This not only made the car less drivable but let’s face it, having power steering and a lot of horsepower is really cool. The folks at Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) agree.

We recently received SST’s latest newsletter, and in it, we learned about the EPAS Performance electric power steering kit. If you’re worried about the factory hydraulically actuated system robbing horsepower or continuously leaking, here’s the answer.

power steering

The EPAS kit that SST offers provides an electrical power steering unit that is adaptable to most vintage vehicles. Now there is no reason you cannot enjoy modern power steering on your classic car. We’re also told that there are no major or irreversible modifications that need to be made to your vintage vehicle, everything is located under your dash and is almost, if not completely invisible.

The kit comes with a 60-amp electric motor, required mounting hardware, and a prewired control module. You can plan on roughly an average install time of 10 hours, and plan to reuse some of your OE hardware. Keep in mind, this install does require some cutting of your steering column.

How the kit works is, the computer measures the amount of effort applied to the steering wheel and amplifies it with the aid of the electric motor. A potentiometer allows you to have more or less assistance, so you can adjust the amount of power assist. For example, you can have maximum power assist while in a parking lot, and less on the highway.

The video above does show the install on an early A-body Mopar, but installing the EPAS kit on many other classic cars and trucks is virtually the same.

The EPAS kit sold by SST can take your vehicle to the next level by adding electric power steering to your classic car or truck. Now’s the perfect time to reach out to the folks at Silver Sport Transmissions to make the steering in your hot rod the best it can be. We almost forgot to mention, they can set you up with a complete overdrive transmission as well, but you probably already knew that.

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