EpicVIN Adds Another Level Of Protection To Used Car Buying

Buying a used vehicle can be risky. After all, you’re relying on information provided by a stranger selling their vehicle. Even the most moral person can be swayed by money, leading them to omit important details such as title complications or a fender bender, or two. While professional automotive technicians and trained body repair facilities can inspect a car for hidden damage, you’re still placing trust in someone else’s expertise. Fortunately, there are better ways to approach purchasing a new car.


As bad as this damage looks, the damage can be hidden with new paint and body work. If done correctly, it will be hard to tell the crash had occurred.

In today’s digital age, almost everything is recorded, from minor traffic violations to work history. So, why shouldn’t you have access to a vehicle’s records? With EpicVIN, you can. This company is renowned for providing comprehensive vehicle reports that go beyond just mileage intervals. They have recently introduced a newly redesigned report that offers extensive information to empower used car buyers with valuable insights. From ownership history and vehicle specifications to odometer readings and safety recall checks, EpicVIN leaves no stone unturned.


EpicVIN has the ability to show all history events, safety recalls, accidents, last milage, sales history, and the amount of owners. The report can detail out even more with its drop down options.

Instead of relying on your friend’s advice or trusting a seller blindly, consider investing in EpicVIN. For just $4.99, you can get unlimited searches for three days with their trial plan. However, if you’ve ever bought a vehicle, you know that the process can take time. In that case, the unlimited option for the entire month at $49.99 might be more suitable. Remember, as a future owner, it’s essential to ensure there are no hidden issues that could bring you unhappiness or financial setbacks.


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