Fuel Your Obsession With A Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger

No matter what form of motorsports you participate in, one thing holds true, fuel starvation is never a good thing. When your engine is not receiving the proper amount of fuel it requires, things can quickly go wrong. In a high-performance application during peak performance the loss of fuel can have catastrophic results on your engine and wallet. Thankfully, Radium Engineering has improvised a solution to address this problem before it ever gets to your engine.

In the early days of curing fuel starvation, enthusiasts would try a multitude of ways to solve this dilemma. Oftentimes this setup entailed a small in-tank pump pushing fuel from the tank into a smaller fuel cell. The fuel cell would contain a larger pump and have a constant supply of fuel surrounding it. While this method was not complicated, it was space consuming and depending on the lines and fittings used, a major inconvenience on any budget. This brought Radium Engineering into the idea of consolidation.

Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering took the liberty of creating an all-inclusive drop-in fuel pump hanger. Unlike other hangers that simply position your pumps in the tank, the Radium Engineering hanger has a built-in fuel pressure regulator, fuel collector box, and the ability to adapt to the needs of the owner.

To prevent fuel starvation, the fuel collector box surrounds the pumps making sure they are constantly floating in fuel. The collector box receives fuel from three locations in the fuel tank: fuel scavenged from the passive side of the tank via the venturi jet pump, returned fuel from the integrated fuel pressure regulator, and the two 1-way fill valves on the bottom of the collector box. These valves allow fuel in, but not out.

The Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger in conventional form allows you to run its fuel pressure regulator as part of the top hat, but the company designed this hanger to provide a variety of configurations based on needs. If you desire to run a relocated fuel pressure regulator or want a return style fuel system, then you can block off the fuel pressure regulator in exchange for an inlet port.

Radium Engineering

While the fuel pump hanger was designed for preference based on almost any fueling combination, it makes sense that you would have a variety of pumps to choose from. The hanger accommodates pumps like the DeatschWerks DW400, AEM 50-1000, and a host of Walbro fuel pumps, without having to modify the hanger. This piece is more than just a fancy house for your pumps, it puts fuel starvation worries to rest. Don’t get hung out to dry, get the Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger and keep the fuel flowing.

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