Performance Distributors Keeps The Spark Alive With SOS Coils

As most automotive enthusiasts know, heat can be one of the most detrimental factors in the engine bay for some items. One such item that takes a routine beating is the coils. The constant heating and cooling of the engine paired with the position of the coil, makes it a vulnerable item. Add in the fact that electricity is being sent through in a rapid succession and you have a recipe for a failure sooner or later. In fact, it’s amazing that coils last as long as they do. However, over time coils begin to break down, develop cracks, and eventually fail.


Coils spend their time dealing with heat inside the engine bay. Over time, they will begin to fail and you’ll be left looking for an alternative option. However, there are better options than OE spec replacements.

Although replacing a coil is easy enough, as one bolt and unclipping a connector is usually all that is involved, it’s when it comes time to purchase a replacement that you will run into a price difference between brands. This pricing can make the difference between an affordable product replacement and a major financial fiasco, especially when misdiagnosed. However, you do have options that do not include a visit to the local dealership or sub-par componentry found online.

Performance Distributors is a company that has been working on creating products that are budget friendly, but also offer superior performance. Its newest line up of SOS (Sultans Of Spark) coils are designed to increase voltage compared to stock when under load and create an increased spark intensity for a more complete burn of the fuel mixture. In addition the SOS Coils feature brass terminals for corrosion protection and improved conduction. Performance Distributors also backs their products with a one year warranty from date of purchase.

SOS Coils

So, if you find yourself in the precious position of hunting down an intermittent misfire or are dealing with a known failure, check out the SOS coils from Performance Distributors. After all, it’s hard to make power when you’re not making spark.

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