Preserve The Paint On Your 2024 Mustang With Rock Guards

Being the first owner of a car can evoke mixed emotions. On the positive side, you have the bragging rights of being the sole owner and can readily document the car’s service history. However, on the flip side, any damage that occurs will immediately catch your eye. While most owners can take precautions to avoid obvious damage by parking away from others, the unfortunate reality is that the body lines of the 2024 Mustang make it susceptible to rock chips, particularly as the body narrows where the wheels protrude. Until now, there were limited options, but ZL1 Addons now offers a permanent solution to help your paint maintain that factory-fresh look.

2024 Mustang

A Shield For Your Paint

The 2024 Mustang boasts sleek exterior touches, but its wheels have the potential to throw rocks into the side body panels and side skirts. Combine this with the fact that most Mustang owners are fitting stickier tires for drag racing, autocross, or road courses, and you’ve got a recipe for rocks being flung. While rally cars have long employed rock guards, they often lean into mudflap territory, which doesn’t quite align with the 2024 Mustang and its elegant body lines. ZL1 Addons offers protection without compromising the OEM aesthetics.

The ZL1 Addons rock guards are crafted from .80-inch HDPE and feature a matte finish on both sides. What’s even better, the front rock guards are installed using the existing factory push pins. The rear rock guard utilizes three factory mounting locations and a single block that is attached with VHB tape to the upper fender well. The kit includes all the necessary hardware. With these rock guards in place, it’s a definite no-go to use an automatic car wash, as you should be avoiding them in the first place to keep your paint as nice as possible.


OEM Aesthetics

Being the first owner of a vehicle comes with its advantages and disadvantages. However, you don’t have to endure rock chips or oversized rally-style rock guards to protect your car from damage. ZL1 Addons provides a solution to keep your factory paint looking fresh and free from any harm. These can be bought in pairs or as a complete set, which includes both front and rear protection. So, shield your car with ZL1 Addons and explore the company’s other offerings for the new 2024 Mustang.

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