QA1 Struts New Proma Star Coilover Strut Kit To Market

One of the key elements of building a car properly is giving due attention to the suspension. The suspension controls more than just ride height; if not chosen thoughtfully, it can ruin a car’s comfort and handling capabilities. This becomes a tricky endeavor as driving conditions and styles vary, which lead to needing an adjustable suspension setup. QA1 has brought adjustability to the 1979-2014 Ford Mustangs with their new Proma Star coilover strut kit.

QA1 Proma Star

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

The Mustang has proven to be a versatile vehicle capable of excelling in various motorsports disciplines. Naturally, owners enjoy splitting their time between street driving, hitting the drag strip, and even venturing into autocross or road course events with their pony car. So, when QA1 embarked on creating the ultimate coilover strut kit, their aim was to ensure it could handle the demands of street driving while delivering exceptional performance on the track.

“We designed the Proma Star coilover strut from the ground up, with a clean sheet approach. The result is an innovative, ultra-lightweight, high-performance solution that enhances handling and traction for both street and race applications. We’re really proud of the outcome.”

Charles Hebig – Senior Designer, QA1

When it comes to performance handling, racers prioritize two key factors: consistent handling and increased traction. The Proma Star strut, with its inverted cartridge design, successfully achieves both objectives. Its larger diameter shaft effectively resists side loading, ensuring smoother and more consistent performance during hard cornering and braking. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum body reduces unsprung weight, enhancing suspension responsiveness and contributing to improved handling and traction characteristics.

Adjusting To Your Desires

The Proma Star coilover strut kit provides adjustability for both ride height and handling. Right out of the box, these coilovers offer a drop of up to 2-inches lower than the stock ride height, allowing you to fine-tune your car’s appearance and achieve proper corner balancing for track performance. The Proma Star coilover strut kit is available in both single-adjustable and double-adjustable variants to cater to your specific requirements.

QA1 Proma Star

If your car is primarily used for street driving with occasional track outings, the single-adjustable option is a sensible choice. It allows you to retain road comfort while providing the ability to adjust rebound using an 18-position knob located at the top of the strut tower. This adjustment allows you to firm up the suspension for improved track performance.

“I can confidently say that this product transforms the on-car performance. The Proma Star struts offer a level of responsiveness and control that sets a new standard for Mustang suspension,” says Damien Brass, fitment technician at QA1. “Our third party test partners are raving about the performance improvements”

Taking it up a notch, is the double-adjustable option that provides the ultimate in suspension setup. Both the rebound and compression are independently adjustable allowing you to fine tune your handling. If you’re looking for the ultimate in handling and performance, then the double-adjustable is the correct option. 

Many enthusiasts take pride in popping their hood and showcasing their engine build, but often, the suspension remains unchanged. Fortunately, QA1 offers aluminum caster camber plates that not only enhance handling and performance but also feature a sleek design to draw more attention to your engine bay. Additionally, they allow you to fine-tune the suspension geometry.

QA1 Proma Star

Boost Your Mustang’s Abilities

Just as the Ford Mustang continues to offer enthusiasts opportunities in various motorsports, QA1 remains dedicated to providing the products necessary for competitiveness. The QA1 Proma Star coilover strut kit is no exception. This kit is entirely bolt-in, requiring no cutting or modifications, and it’s proudly made in the United States. It significantly enhances your car’s handling capabilities. So, if you’re aiming to elevate your 1979-2014 Mustang to the next level, your search ends here.

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