Steeda Attacks Market With New Sizes Of Trident Wheels

The Mustang has been the best selling sports car in the world for the past seven years, so naturally owners want to personalize their own to distinguish it from the rest. While there are a variety of ways to handle this, the easiest revolves around outfitting your Mustang with a new set of wheels.


This seems like a simple step by just heading towards any wheel company’s website and finding a wheel design that you fancy, that is until you factor in offsets, backspace, lug pattern, width, and wheel size into the equation. Not to mention the variety of packages the Mustang comes with that require additional clearances for larger calipers. It’s at this point you need a direct fit option. Now Steeda Autosports has extended out its Trident wheels to attack the market with a spectacular new design with a variety of sizing options that still provide a flush and direct fit

The team at Steeda sought to give the S197 and S550 a modern design that would be paired with high-performance, as well. After all, the Ford Mustang has always been the performance car of choice for Blue Oval enthusiasts. Though the 19-inch version has been out since last year, the 20-inch version of the Trident Flow-Formed wheels have hit the market. Not only do these wheels provide the modern Mustang chassis with stunning aesthetics, but also the ability to handle track duty, both straight line and road racing.

While the classic five spoke design has been around since the inception of the first Mustang, its lack of variety over the years has caused many to seek out other patterns. Playing off the original five-spoke design, Steeda stepped it up a notch with a trident pattern integrated into it.

The triple split wheels will be available in Satin Black and Gloss Titanium and offered in both 19-inch and 20-inch configurations. Even better, Steeda has a wheel and tire package that allows you to unpack and mount without having to visit your local tire shop or deal with sloppy tire installs. So, if you want to give your S197 or S550 a unique appearance and provide the performance to match your Mustang on track, then check out the Steeda Trident wheels!

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