Steeda Provides Hardcore Solution For Ride Height Control

The Ford Mustang was never designed to be a one-trick pony. In fact, most owners will tell you a variety of ways they utilize their Mustang’s handling and power. The S550 chassis is no different and can be found tackling street, strip, and road courses with minor adjustments being made. When it comes to product manufacturing, there are a few companies that understand the importance of creating pieces that are aimed at allowing it to be a multi-motorsport application. Steeda is one such company that exemplifies this and has once again proven it by introducing its all-new Steeda Hardcore Rear Adjustable Ride Height System.


The Steeda Hardcore Rear Adjustable Ride Height System provides owners of 2015-2022 Ford Mustangs the opportunity to adjust their ride height by up to 2.5-inches. However, the Steeda kit is more than just a way to lower or raise your Mustang. Its main attraction is the ability to allow racers to remove springs trackside without having to readjust the car’s alignment or loosen the rear subframe when putting it back to the same ride height. Since spring rate plays an instrumental part in putting power down and handling cornering, this kit allows you to test one spring rate and then quickly swap out for a new one based on application or track settings for precise handling. This process takes only a few minutes and will have you back on the track getting the much needed seat time.

The Steeda kit isn’t aimed at being just a lucrative tool to make spring swaps though. The kit combines the advantage of quick spring changes with weight savings. Since weight is the enemy of performance, Steeda designed the kit to weigh 16-percent less than factory rear springs, 28-percent lighter than drag rear springs, and offer a 48-percent weight savings over its dual rate rear springs.

Since the Mustang will also be a potential drag strip candidate the Steeda kit will allow owners of S550 Mustangs to raise the rear to fit a slightly larger drag radial without rubbing. Since the kit utilizes readily available 2.5-inch x 6-inch coilover springs all forms of motorsports can find the perfect spring rate for their application.

While we can talk all day about what the Steeda kit can do, it’s worth noting what you won’t have to do after install. No more will you have to loosen your subframe to pull springs or get an alignment when making changes. Corner balancing your S550 will no longer be the burden it once was and shopping out less-than-optimal tire choices due to fitment are now non-existent. The Steeda Hardcore Rear Adjustable Ride Height System is just yet another product from Steeda that fits a variety of applications and allows drivers to change motorsports direction without making drastic changes.


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