Wilwood D11 Future Proofs Your Classic Ford Braking Components

I think we can all agree that time is not very nice to our beloved cars. As these vehicles sit after retiring from daily driving duties and await a restoration, everything begins to break down. The rubber bushings and seals harden and become brittle. Meanwhile, the metals form corrosion or rust and start to seize against one another. This is extremely common in moving pieces, such as the brake caliper pistons. Since we all know brake calipers are quite important in a car with limited safety features, it’s one of the first things that should be addressed when starting to restore or maintain a classic car. Now, instead of seeking out over-priced new old stock units or trying to rebuild a damaged caliper, you can purchase a complete Wilwood D11 caliper or braking package from Wilwood Disc Brakes for your classic Ford.

Wilwood D11

Wilwood is now offering upgraded Wilwood D11 direct replacement calipers for 1965-67 Ford Mustang, Fairlane, and 1966-67 Ranchero originally equipped with Kelsey-Hayes brakes. These four-piston calipers with stainless steel pistons utilize modern brake manufacturing techniques. These not only save weight, but also remove fail points of the original style by running internal crossovers instead of external lines. These calipers are also designed as a complete drop-in and will work with Wilwood or original-style master cylinders and maintain the factory front and rear brake bias.

Chances are if your calipers are in rough shape, then you might want to update the entire braking system in the process. Wilwood sells the Wilwood D11 caliper in three different fashions. You can purchase the caliper solo, with flex lines and brake pads added, or the complete package with rotors, flexlines, and brake pads all included in one. While the D11 calipers work with the stock-style components you can also upgrade down the road to Wilwood’s other products.

These calipers are more than a solution to antiquated braking, but a time saver in the fact you wont be seeking vintage junkyards or become a guinea pig test fitting caliper brackets and custom lines to bring your classic pride and joy to a stop. The Wilwood D11 brake calipers are available in Type III hard ano with stock-look finish, gloss black, or red powder coat.

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