PRI Road Tour Stop At VMP Performance Reveals A Passion For Power

During the height of the pandemic, the PRI Show made a unique pivot. Forced to cancel the annual trade show, PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer spearheaded a unique way to highlight companies in the racing industry. Dubbed the PRI Road Tour, it was a bit hit during dark times, so much so that they are back on tour this year. One of the early stops on this performance parade was at noted Ford tuners, VMP Performance in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

We’re excited to bring more and better products continuously to the market as we’ve done throughout the years. Rebecca Starkey, VMP Performance

While there, the PRI Road Tour crew toured the VMP campus and spoke with company principals, Justin and Rebecca Starkey, who have grown the company from a small tuning outlet to a multi-faceted performance business that centers on supercharging modern muscle machines.


“VMP is a high-performance automotive aftermarket company,” Rebecca says. “We specialize in making superchargers and all the components that go with them, including your custom tunes, cold air intakes, throttle bodies, fuel systems, and anything that has to do with high performance and superchargers.”

Moving from a small family business into a company with a substantial workforce, the duo focuses on employing people who share their love for performance and racing.

“What makes VMP, VMP is the people. Justin and I are enthusiasts,” Rebecca explains. “We absolutely love motorsports. We embody motorsports. We take the kids to the track and the people that work at VMP are the same, they love motorsports, and not only that but they’re committed to their co-workers and the customers.”

While the VMP crew is certainly happy with how far things have progressed with the company, Justin in particular is always thinking about how to improve the company’s existing offerings while keeping an eye on further new-product development.

“We’re excited to evolve with the industry,” Rebecca adds. “We’re excited to bring more and better products continuously to the market as we’ve done throughout the years.”

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