ProCharger Releases Kit For Coyote-Swapped OBS F-150

The potential of Ford’s Coyote engine has been clearly evident, both in cars from the factory and as a favorite late-model engine swap and ProCharger has been boosting the performance of this potent performer for years now. The company just announced its engineers put together a full parts list to create a 100% bolt-on supercharger system to increase the performance of 1988-’96 Ford F-150 trucks with a Coyote-based engine swap.

A certain resident engineer’s white Lightning F-150 was the impetus to bring this heavy hauler’s engine-swap power-adder to fruition. The main benefit to consumers, and a huge selling point, is the fact all fabrication has been handled by the folks at ProCharger. The kit is based on ProCharger’s 2015+ Mustang assembly and enthusiasts can expect similar performance increases in their Coyote-motivated F-150s. The rugged CNC billet bracket system, ultra-high flowing intercooler, and 1,000+ hp proven supercharger drive system are directly carried over from the Mustang system. The truck variant is designed to work with both F-150 and Mustang Coyote engines, as long as a Mustang front timing cover is used.

The kit is based on ProCharger’s 2015+ Mustang kit and brings all the benefits afforded to the pony car’s engine.

Clint’s F-150 has morphed over the decades with several upgrades, ending with the Coyote swap. The fully-built Lightning now uses a 5.2L Predator block which has been stuffed with the good stuff and topped off with a Boss 302 intake. In front of that, the tubing weaves its way to the intercooler and onto the optional ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger. The bar has been set pretty high by Clint’s white F-150, especially when you consider that the F-1A-94 supercharger is the recommended unit for the NMCA’s Extreme Street class – a truly race-bred blower. Clint’s truck was used as the prototype for this all-inclusive kit, and as-built, his truck now puts down 1,100 horsepower to the rear wheels.

ProCharger also offers an optional 10-rib drive system for high-horsepower applications, and a helical gear set for quieter operation. The kit is compatible with stock balancers as well as aftermarket units and is available in polished, black, and satin finishes.

Everything comes in a kit sourced from their Mustang line and engineered for 1988-96 F-150 trucks.

Of course, your build’s final number will depend on whether your engine is stock or not, and the recommended supercharger for your application. Either way, ProCharger has each component’s part number on hand, waiting to build that perfect power-adder package for you. ProCharger even offers “Tuner Kits” designed for someone experimenting with alternative fuels such as race fuel, E85 fuel, or methanol supplemental fuel; and possibly changing engine components like heads, headers, exhaust, and cams for the engine.

Whether a factory-stock swap or an all-out upgrade, ProCharger now has supercharger kits to make the most of any Coyote swap in a first-gen Lightning or any 1988-96 Ford F-150. Check out their website for more information and watch the video to see this awesome white Lightning in action. You’ll see again how cool these trucks are and secretly wish you had one to do a Coyote swap and ProCharger upgrade. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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