Revology Reveals First Right-Hand-Drive Replica Shelby GT350H

Revology Reveals First Right-Hand-Drive Replica Shelby GT350H

In 2015 the Ford Mustang became a truly global machine available from dealers across the world. However, there has always been an international demand for the original pony car. To satiate that desire in countries that drive on the right, Revology Cars has create the world’s first licensed reproduction right-hand-drive Shelby.

This car was developed and built as a RHD model, starting with the unibody. — Aaron Wright, Revology Cars

“This car demonstrates the thoughtful, engineering-driven approach we take at Revology,” Tom Scarpello, founder and CEO of Revology Cars, said.”

Revology Cars created the world’s first licensed reproduction right-hand-drive Shelby GT350H for a customer in the United Kingdom.

The car in question is one of Revology’s 1966 Shelby GT350H models, but it wasn’t converted for driving abroad. Instead this replica was created from the ground up with the new driver position and the proper lighting to meet the laws of its new home.

“This is not a conversion. This car was developed and built as a RHD model, starting with the unibody.” Indeed, the firewall, upper and lower cowl, right hand inner fender apron, and dash are either new RHD stamped parts or expertly hand-fabricated parts created in-house,” Revology Cars’ chief engineer, Aaron Wright, explained.

This was no conversion. Revology built the parts necessary to produce more of these machines for potential customers in countries that drive on the left side of the road.

The Revology machines are already complex vehicles melding classic bodies with modern accoutrements like Coyote 5.0-liter engines, but this project took things to another level. It required additional clearance for the steering linkage on the right, as well as new, stamped firewall; upper and lower cowls; inner fender apron; and dash. Moreover, the footwell required modification, and Revology created new brake and clutch pedal arms for the right side.

This first example is configured for driving in the UK, which necessitated a modified suspension alignment, altered wiper arms, turn signal amber lenses and the addition of an LED rear fog light integrated into the right reverse light.

“This was an intricate process and required some building up of the material to create a refined, OEM appearance,” Aaron said. “None of these parts were available so we had to produce these in-house.”

This first example is destined to arrive with its new owner in the United Kingdom this summer, but it likely won’t be the last Revology ride with the steering wheel on that side.

Revology RHD 1966 Shelby GT350H Features

• 16-inch Magnum 500 wheels w/ Hertz center caps

• 435-horsepower Ford Coyote 5.0-liter V8 engine

• Alcantara headliner

• Ferrari onboard trickle charger

• German square weave wool carpet

• Nappa leather interior and trim

• Three-point seatbelts

• Tremec TKO five-speed manual transmission

• UK-spec lighting, including amber turn signals, and rear fog lamps

“This is the first right-hand drive car we have done and I think it is one of our most unique products,” Aaron added. “Now that we’ve finished it, we are ready to make more.”

For more on these special GT350H replicas, check out their official site here.

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