ROUSHCharged Automatic 5.0L Mustang Goes Deep in the 11s

Husband and wife team, Justin and Rebecca Starkey, have recently shown that a new 5.0-liter automatic Mustang can turn some impressive numbers at the drag strip… with a little help from their friends. In this case, the friends were at ROUSH Performance and the Starkeys bolted on a ROUSH supercharger before heading out to the track at Orlando Speed World.

The recently announced ROUSHCharger Eaton 2.3L TVS was set up for only five pounds of boost, but other than changing out for 18-inch drag radials, the car ran in otherwise stock condition, including the 3.15 rear end and pump gas. The ROUSHCharger product installation was documented for release in an upcoming issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine.

Rebecca would handle the driving chores and was able to coax an 11.28 @ 125.2 mph run, including a 1.773 60-foot time, out of the boosted car. An experienced racer, Rebecca first met Justin at this track, when they lined up against each other. Nobody is saying who won that race, but it looks like they are both happy with the results.

The weekend install of the ROUSHCharger came together in time for the family to head out and check the results.

According to Justin, “By noon we had both kids loaded up in the back seat and were making the 35 mile drive to Orlando Speed World for a test session. It was a sweltering 95F day in Florida. We got to the track with 1/2 tank of 93, dropped the tire pressure in the 265/40/18 MT DRs to 20psi, and let the car cool down.”

A first run at 12.095 seconds led to some shift point tuning for the automatic trans. Another run at 11.45 seconds showed that they were heading in the right direction.

Then came the magic moment, according to Justin. “On the last run of the day everything came together, Rebecca launched great, the track hooked, and the car hit every shift just right while going down the track.”

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