Second To None And Thirty Of One: The Ultra-Rare Ford GT GT1

Most cars have their time in the spotlight and eventually fade over time, but the Ford GT40 is one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of America. After beating Ferrari in the 1966 Le Mans 24-hour race, it would give itself a legendary legacy in the automotive world. To honor the GT40, Ford released the GT in 2005 to commemorate the original race car. The first-generation Ford GT was and still is a stunning car, but this sinister GT GT1 is second to none and might be the king of them all. 

If you didn’t know, the Ford GT GT1 is a racing version of the Ford GT developed by Matech Concepts to comply with FIA GT1 rules. It is a track-purposed supercar with around 30 units made. But this 1 of 30 GT1 is far from being a stock factory racecar. The GT features a custom carbon fiber body made from the original Matech racecar molds. 

Along with being a fully exposed carbon fiber body, this GT1 ditched the factory powerplant, which was replaced by a 427 cubic-inch Roush-Yates RY45 V8 that is twin-turbocharged to make over 1000-plus horsepower. To utilize the 1000 horsepower the GT1 makes to the ground, the Pirelli P-Zero racing slicks were used for maximum grip.

The wheels for this one-off GT1 are a set of Forgeline one-piece forged monoblock SS1R 5-lug wheels. The SS1R feature a concave profile, a split 6-spoke design with I-beamed, spoke technology, and a tapered outer edge. Making the SS1R very lightweight while remaining super strong. The wheels are finished in satin bronze, which contrasts perfectly with the raw carbon fiber on the GT.

This Ford GT GT1 is a work of art and is awesome from every angle. But not quite as incredible as it would be to sit in the driver’s seat and row all of the gears of this sinister car. 

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