SEMA 2012: Chassisworks’ Single And Dual Supercharger Gear Drives

Chassisworks ceases to amaze the industry; continuing to push the envelope and develop new and interesting ways to go fast. After all, it’s what Chassisworks has been about for 25  years! It would only make sense that they would focus some attention to the engine side of things. No, don’t worry, Chassisworks isn’t developing engines, however, Chassisworks is releasing single and dual supercharger gear drives, which eliminate side load on the crankshaft and supercharger bearings.

Whether your blood runs Chevy or Ford, Chassisworks’ supercharger gear drives are now available for Chevy small and big-block, LS-series, or Ford small-block, and Mod-motor applications. The gear drives are available for a variety of superchargers, including ProCharger, Vortech and Paxton in both single and dual applications.

Properly designed gear drives increase reliability in high-horsepower applications by eliminating side loads on the crank and supercharger bearings (which is unavoidable with belt-driven systems). Chassisworks gear drives allow back peddling the engine without risk of throwing a belt.

Gear sets can be configured to overdrive or under-drive the supercharger, enabling maximum output at lower engine RPM or reducing output for more streetable power levels. Each gear drive features the highest quality direct bolt-on application for popular racing and street-performance engines. Plus, all drive units include integral timing pointer, crank trigger mount, oil level sight glass, and gear-case vent.

For complete details on applying the Chassisworks single or dual supercharger gear drive to your current boosted application, make sure to visit the Chassisworks website or call direct to 800-722-2269.


  • Models available for most Vortech, Paxton, and ProCharger superchargers
  • Other engine applications available
  • Multiple gear ratios
  • Timing pointer, built-in
  • Crank trigger pick-up mount, built-in


  • Chevy: Small-Block, Big-Block, LS-Series
  • Ford: Small-Block

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