SEMA 2020: Yokohama’s ADVAN A Tire For Every Type Of Driving

The scope of performance of today’s cars, both vintage and late-model, is amazing. What was once just a grocery-getter now has the potential to morph into an all-out street performer. Engine swaps, chassis upgrades, and driveline options have met with the modern age and in some cases, allow our vintage rides to out-perform today’s offerings.

With such a broad scope of driving options, it is nearly impossible to have a “one-tire-fits-all” offering that will give both the road-handling characteristics and the ultra-high-performance, corner-carving capabilities to match the spectrum of today’s autos.

Yokohama Tire has created its ADVAN line of tires as an answer to those seeking an ultra-performance tire and engineered several ADVAN designs to address each driving style directly. Thanks to Yokohama’s ADVAN line of tire technology, whether low-noise and road-handling fun or the ultimate in corner-holding grip is your main concern, Yokohama has you covered.

ADVAN Sport A/S+

The ADVAN Sport A/S+ is engineered for high-end performance vehicles, sports cars, and American muscle cars. Designed as a performance tire, the extra-large outside shoulder-blocks enhance cornering, while optimized sidewall construction delivers crisp, responsive handling.

The Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S+ also offers a significant upgrade in braking and handling when the roads get wet and wintry, as well as quiet, long-lasting service in any weather. The ADVAN Sport® A/S+ is backed by an impressive 55,000-mile limited tread warranty (27,500-mile on staggered fitments), and the W- and Y-rated Sport A/S+ comes in 65 sizes, ranging from 16- to 21-inch fitments.


The ADVAN Apex, which won a SEMA Best New Tire runner-up award, includes a 25,000-mile limited tread warranty (12,500-mile on staggered fitments). The ADVAN Apex is built upon the legacy of Yokohama’s iconic UHP tires such as the A008, AVS Intermediate, AVS Sport and ADVAN Sport V105, the Apex offers enhanced wet and dry performance, while providing a refined experience for a wide range of sports cars, high-end performance vehicles and American muscle cars.

High-grade, micro silica in a wide, outside-rib-block devoid of lateral grooves creates near seamless contact with the road for maximum cornering performance. An uninterrupted center rib enhances high speed stability, three inside grooves enhance wet performance, while a narrow outside groove dissipates heat generated by high lateral loads for optimal dry performance. The Y-rated Apex is available in 44 sizes, ranging from 17- to 20-inch fitments.

ADVAN Fleva V701

The V- and W-rated FLEVA was developed for customers who are looking to elevate their driving experience. The ADVAN Fleva V701 features a silica-infused compound combined with tread features engineered to provide confidence in both wet and dry conditions while keeping road noise to a minimum. The solid center rib enhances high-speed stability while the solid outer rib increases block stiffness for improved cornering ability and a sure-footed feel.

Solid center and outer ribs provide both straight-line and cornering ability to the ADVAN Fleva from Yokohama.

The ADVAN Fleva is designed as a summer, ultra-performing tire with excellent wet and dry characteristics. If the ADVAN Fleva appeals to you but, you wish to add “run-flat” capabilities to your car’s tires, you can check out the ADVAN Sport ZPS for applications needing a zero-pressure capable tire.


Yokohama’s ADVAN A052 tire is a track-ready, street-legal tire aimed for autocross, track-day, and race enthusiasts. Features include an all-new asymmetric tread pattern and special compound derived from Yokohama’s extensive racing heritage. The A052 is engineered for superior handling, increased traction and improved lap times. It delivers proven performance and extremely high levels of wet and dry grip. The ADVAN A052 is available in 37 V-, W- and Y-rated sizes, ranging from 14- to 20-inch fitments with a 7/32-inch tread depth.

Yokohama’s ADVAN line of high-performance and ultra-high-performance tires includes seven offerings in total, giving enthusiasts a refined option for their particular style of spirited driving. No matter what year your car was made or what type of driving you enjoy, if you are looking for a tire that will heighten your car’s performance, lower lap times, or give you superior wet/dry performance, Yokohama has your tire in its ADVAN line of tires.

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