A Five-Speed Overdrive Swap Is Much Easier Than You Think

Let’s face it, we all like driving our classics. However, technology has moved on and late-model cars have comforts such as a very comfortable ride, modern electronics, and even overdrive transmissions, which lower engine RPM and improve gas mileage. Thanks to companies such as Silver Sport Transmissions (SST), classic hot rods can benefit from having additional gears as well.

If you get into a discussion with any enthusiasts, it will be readily apparent that most feel Silver Sport Transmissions has one of the best-engineered kits for those looking to modernize the powertrain of almost any classic ride. That is because the company’s PerfectFit Kits genuinely fit, and also bring the shifter handle to the factory-correct position for the best possible fit. What’s more, the SST billet shifter tower provides short, crisp shifts.

While some enthusiasts contemplate utilizing a salvage-yard-sourced TREMEC, that idea poses a few issues that will be very expensive and time-consuming to resolve. When you start to scrounge through a salvage yard and try to put together everything you need (bellhousing, clutch, driveshaft, and transmission crossmember), the SST-prepped TREMEC starts to make a lot of sense. Even if you do find a transmission, the shifter will most likely not be in the location you need it to be. Do you really want to cut a new hole in the floor of your classic and have the shifter be in a position that is potentially not even within your reach?

The SST PerfectFit comes with a shifter mount that is correctly positioned for the car you have. The TKX utilized in the PerfectFit kits is a new design by TREMEC and is proving to be an excellent transmission. The TKX is more than capable of handling 600 lb.-ft. of torque and comes in a choice of two gearsets (wide: 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, 0.72 and close:2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, 0.81 or 0.68).

The PerfectFit kit is the solution that comes with everything to convert to an overdrive transmission without ever having to scour the want ads or wrecking yards to search for parts. The PerfectFit kit even includes the driveshaft which, of course, is ordered after the transmission installation so a few measurements can be retrieved and provided.

The TKX five-speed transmission used in the PerfectFit kits is TREMEC’s newest and most compact transmission. Not only is it capable of handling up to 600 lb.-ft. torque, but also, 7,500 rpm shifts. That means the TKX is strong enough to handle most street applications. The SST TKXs are modified to give you a factory-correct shifter position so your car will retain the factory look. They also come with a crossmember to keep your driveline angles in spec.

Five speed swap

The PerfectFit kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your ride.

The exact steps to install a five-speed transmission in your classic cruiser or hot rod (you can find a PerfectFit kit for many Ford, GM, and Mopar cars) are different for all cars and each kit can be installed by the average enthusiasts in a couple of days. As a side note, SST also offers six-speed overdrive manual-shift transmissions and even an overdrive automatic if you want a shift itself gearbox.

Finally, if your car is currently using an automatic transmission, SST offers kits to convert both automatic and standard-shift cars. The company can even set you up with a hydraulic clutch assembly that smooths out the shifting chores with modern efficiency. Check out the Silver Sport Transmission’s website and start enjoying a life of less noise, more fuel efficiency and an all-around better driving experience.

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