Spy Photos Of The New Ford 2023 Super Duty Truck

Earlier this week, photos were leaked/found online that uncovered Ford Motors’ 2023 Super Duty. There are some years when trucks don’t get any significant changes, only minor tweaks here and there. However, this year for the 2023 Super Duty, we can see there are substantial changes. There have been renderings out for some time, but we are finally seeing the camouflaged trucks out and about, and things are getting exciting.

The 2023 Super Duty looks to be sporting an all-new front end with different lighting, grille, and what looks to be a new style hood. There have been talks of a redesign and these shots only confirm that. We’ll likely see a reveal from Ford soon. In terms of details, we don’t know many as of yet. Below is what we think we can expect in the very near future.

This photo was photoshopped by @TheSketchMonkey on YouTube and Instagram (fantastic job). If this is truly what it will look like, are you excited about the newest version of the Super Duty?

Headlights And Grille

When manufacturers go through a redesign phase, keeping the result under wraps is key. To do so, while being able to get a few models on the roads for real-world testing, they use what is called “car camouflage”. In 2016, Ford introduced a wrap for their vehicles with a pattern that resembled static on a tv set. It is unlike the conventional swirl pattern which makes it more difficult to see for spy photographers.

However, in the open area on the front of these trucks that have been seen, we can see all-new pieces. At a glance, it looks like Ford is approaching this redesign with a more simple idea. The latest generation of Super Duty trucks sports a busy front grille with a lot of ” chrome bars” going across the front. The large headlights concave into the body and a hood that travels straight across, to refresh your memory.

2023 Super Duty

The biggest payoff in the leaks is the newer headlight construction. They almost perfectly mimic the F-150’s new style of headlight assembly with a (probably) LED C-clamp-shaped design with running lights running along the outside. Although some photos aren’t perfectly angled for the shot of the taillights, you can see they resemble the F-150 as well. I think we can agree there is a pattern here. If the F-150 is any indication of what is to come, we can expect some upgrades in the 2023 Super Duty badge department as well.

More Digital Accessories, Possible Power Potential?

Again, like the F-150, these Super Duty pickups are more than likely getting a redesign on the inside, which means more techy accessories. Digitalizing everything possible, we’ll more than likely see larger, touchscreen displays. It has been said that Ford is lacking in the screen size department, but more than likely, this will be changing. Like many of the other pickup manufacturers, as you accessorize your truck, you’re likely to get more screen size if that’s what you’re into.

One thing is for sure, though. Ford has confirmed that the latest SYNC, Apple/Android capability, and cloud-based connectivity will be included in all of their trim levels. The diesel-powered pickups for 2023 will still boast the powerful 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine, but one has to wonder if we’ll see any significant changes for that. The powerplant that has been under the hood of Ford’s Super Duty trucks since ’11 has leveled up every chance it could, so could this be another output/capability increase?

A STEP In The Right Direction?

You may have seen some of the photos in the last few days and we’re wondering if you’ve noticed the bed step. The step is integrated into the bedside and we can only assume that this is to continue to keep up with GM which offers their CornerStep bumper. Although theirs is integrated into the bumper, Ford’s step is a step nonetheless. We’ve heard both good and bad reviews for this on all brands, but whether you like it or not, it’s there.
2023 Super Duty

This photo doesn’t exactly portray the new integrated step, but believe us, it is there. Although Ford is doing a good job of covering up their new trucks, it seems like they are struggling to keep it under wraps. Pesky spies.

The pros to the step, however, are it allows average-sized people to have access to the beds. After all, these trucks don’t seem to be getting shorter as the years progress. Lastly, the ’23 Super Duty production is set to begin in Kentucky at the truck plant on January 3rd, 2023 as well as the Ohio plant on February 13th, 2023. Production dates always have the chance of being moved around and with today’s supply chain issues, who knows.

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