Steeda Reveals Light, Stylish Trident Wheels For S197 & S550 Mustang

When it comes to first mods, wheels are always near the top of the list for any Mustang. Usually that change is driven by the quest for an improved look, but make no mistake, wheels are part of the performance equation as well. Both of those goals were on the mind of the team at Steeda when the company developed its new Trident wheels for 2005-and-newer Mustangs.

The Steeda Trident wheel not only is track-tested and engineered with performance in mind, but it also looks the part, too! — Chris Cervenka, Steeda

“For over three decades, Steeda has offered race-proven performance parts for Mustangs and other Fords,” Steeda E-Commerce Marketing Director Chris Cervenka said. “Steeda wheels have been included in that mix many times, including the Ultra-Lites, Spyders, ST-R, and many more! With that said, we’ve been wanting to get back into offering high-quality, performance-oriented wheels at a price that everyone can afford.”

With a clean sheet of paper as the starting point, the goals for these high-performance hoops were an edgy, concave design; a favorable strength-to-weight ratio; and a direct-fit installation on both S197 and S550 Mustangs, with the exception of the 2015-plus Shelby models.

“Not only did our talented team check off every box, but we are able to offer them at an amazing price point that gives more people the opportunity to take advantage!” Cervenka said.

Part of the challenge to developing a wheel design is choosing the ideal diameter. This is an area where bigger is not always better. Sure the huge wheels look great, but the extra weight they bring along is not ideal for performance. To deliver both sharp style and unburdened performance, Steeda chose something in the middle.

Steeda developed its new Trident wheels for 2005-and-newer Mustangs. They only tip the scales at 22.9 pounds for the 19x10-inch version and 23.32 pounds for the 19x11-inch versions. They can be run with as a staggered fitment with the 19x10 in front and the 19x11 out back or a square fitment with 19x11s all the way around by using a 25mm spacer up front. The staggered fit is available with Nitto INVO, NT555 G2, NT555RII (rear only) tires, while the square setup is offered with Nitto NT01, Toyo Proxes R888R, and Toyo Proxes RR tires. (Photo Credit: Steeda)

“This was a tough choice. Originally, we were going to offer this in a 20-inch fitment. However, for a wheel that is performance-oriented, a 20-inch wheel just doesn’t cut it. Rotating mass is something we need to cut down on when we’re on track, not add. Ideally, an 18-inch would check all the boxes for a track wheel, but it doesn’t necessarily look as good as a 20-inch,” Cervenka explained. “That’s where we meet in the middle at a 19-inch wheel. The Steeda Trident wheel not only is track-tested and engineered with performance in mind, but it also looks the part, too! Whether you’re pulling up to a local Cars & Coffee event or carving the next apex at your local track, this wheel truly does it all.”

The decision to go with 19×10- and 19×11-inch wheels helped shave some pounds off where that positively influences performance. The Steeda Trident wheels are more than 9 pounds lighter than the factory Performance Pack wheels. This will improve the feel, performance, and ride quality of a Mustang.

A direct fit for both S197 and S550 Mustangs, the Trident wheels will accept the factory center caps, or you can opt for caps with the Steeda ‘S’ logo. These wheels feature knurling around the barrel of the wheels designed to prevent tire slip on track.

“In addition to the benefits mentioned previously, the biggest feature you’ll see from these wheels is their lightweight design. We engineered the Steeda Trident wheels with weight and strength being the primary priorities; everything else followed suit,” Cervenka said. “Our prototypes weighed in at 22.9 pounds in the front and 23.32 pounds in the rear. Our production wheels may slightly differ, but not by much. The best part is we threw these wheels on our Steeda Mach 1 development vehicle and took it around track multiple times to test the strength and durability bouncing these wheels off multiple tall curbs at Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park — and they did not disappoint!”

Allowing for a staggered fitment, as delivered, or a square fitment with the proper spacers, the Trident wheels are built to perform. They even feature a knurled tire mounting surface to ensure the tires don’t slip on the wheels when grip meets torque.

The performance features are key, but looks are obviously a concern when it comes to choosing wheels, and these went through several iterations before arriving at the final design, which is available with Satin Black or Satin Titanium finishes.

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“I think as I was turning on and off different layers, the  combo of the five straight and five split spokes were on at the same time and I thought it looked kind of cool how they fit together perfectly. I presented it as a final hope as I was running out of ideas, and it got some good feedback,” Eric Westover, Steeda Graphic Designer, said of the design. “Another member of our team suggested a few changes that added some additional detail, such as the channel down the straight spokes and the stepped layers of the split spokes. Overall, it was a great team effort, and we are ecstatic with how they turned out.”

If the Steeda Trident’s triple threat of durability, reduced weight, and style strikes your fancy, you can learn more about them right here.

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