Steeda’s Dario Orlando Adds 2021 Mach 1 To His Personal Pony Paddock

Steeda’s Dario Orlando Adds 2021 Mach 1 To His Personal Pony Paddock

By now we all know what a superb job Ford did with the latest version of the Mach 1. Elevating the 5.0-powered Mustang to near GT350 heights while retaining a more affordable price tag and more streetable manners is no easy feat, but the company’s engineers pulled it off.

High praise for that engineering feat comes courtesy of Steeda Founder and President, Dario Orlando, who purchased a new Mustang Mach 1 as his personal ride. Of course, he didn’t just choose any model, he stepped up to the Handling Pack option, which includes 19-inch wheels and tires; adjustable strut mounts; and more.


“I love the Mach 1 name, number one,” Orlando explained of his purchase. “And number two, you know it’s gonna be one of the last S550s to market.”

That didn’t mean he was going to leave it stock. He started his company to improve upon the Fords that he loves. Fortunately, Steeda and its sister company Steeda Performance Vehicles already have a robust Mach 1 upgrade path in place, and he drew on those same parts to improve his ride.

Steeda President Dario Orlando added an Iconic Silver 2021 Mustang Mach 1 to his stable of Blue Oval machines. He and his team immediately began improving its performance with the company’s gear, including dual-rate springs, two-piece brake rotors, and adjustable stabilizer bars. (Photo Credit: Steeda)

“What I wanted to do was make this car a driver’s car and so I just appointed it with our Dual-Rate handling springs front and rear bars to get started and that lowered it approximately a half-inch. We put a little bit more roll control into it without affecting the ride quality, so basically making a driver’s car out of it,” Orlando said. “The way this car is set up, you become part of the car, which is amazing. I’ve never driven a car where the driver is part of the car and that’s what we did by just adding our Dual-Rate springs, which is our number-one seller for the on-track guys.”

The video above goes into great detail on how Steeda improved the already-great Mustang Mach 1, but for more on the company’s Mach 1 development and packages, you can check out its website right here.


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