Strange Engineering’s Door Car Rack Keeps Your Ride Going Straight

A good pass down the drag strip should require little to no steering input from the driver. If you’re using a high-quality steering rack that fits your vehicle correctly, most of your passes should feel like that good pass. Strange Engineering has put a lot of time into developing its Door Car Drag Racing Steering Rack to make it as smooth as possible.

The two big things you want from a steering rack that’s used in a drag car is a smooth turning radius from wheel lock to wheel lock, and as little backlash as possible. A car that “wanders” down the track is going to require more steering input, and that’s going to cost you elapsed time. The Strange Engineering Door Car Drag Racing Steering Rack has been designed to fight steering issues that drag racers face.

The steering rack has 20 and 40-degree rack rotation position options — this gives users more freedom to set up the steering shaft for their vehicle. Strange built this rack to have a 22-to-1 ratio and 4.25 inches of total rack travel, so it’s ultra-smooth and provides a generous turning radius. Since this rack is for door cars, Strange wanted to ensure it would be strong. The body of the rack is made of 6061-T6511 billet aluminum, and the gears are made of hardened 4140 alloy steel. Strange offers two different versions of the Door Car Drag Racing Steering Rack (S3448 and S3448-195), along with a tie rod kit (S3449) for these steering racks.

If you’re looking for a new steering rack for your door car check out what Strange Engineering has to offer right here.

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