TCI Automotive Expands Outlaw-X Shifter Product Line

TCI Automotive has taken its most popular shifter and incorporated a slimmer design and new internals to create the Outlaw-X shifter. There are two finish options available: the standard aluminum finish, or blackout versions.

The shifter was previously released for a handful of two- and three-speed transmissions. Now the shifter line includes a full spread of shifters specifically for GM Powerglide and TCI 6x six-speed, 4x four-speed transmissions, as well as popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler two-, three-and, four-speed transmissions. Currently, there are models available for 26 individual transmission applications.

This shifter is the most compact of the TCI shifter models. It is offered for street and race use, measuring just over 2.1 inches wide by 10.3 inches long. It features a powder-coated cover with quick-release pins and a pistol-grip handle that is available with an optional integrated buttons for controlling transbrake, line lock, or nitrous activation.

A park and neutral safety switch is included, along with provisions for a reverse-light system. These features remain from the initial TCI Outlaw shifter design.

New patent-pending gate plate technology has been borrowed from the TCI Diablo shifter that complies with NHRA/IHRA reverse lock-out regulations. Each shifter also comes with a cable and all hardware needed for installation in a specific application.

For hands-free electric automated shifting with the Outlaw-X Shifter, TCI has developed a solenoid kit that can easily be removed for competition in different racing classes. It is a direct fit for any Outlaw-X shifter through a unique use of the shifter’s existing cover slide pins.

At the drag strip, the first gear shift comes quickly and requires a faster than normal response time. This shifter add-on includes the shift solenoid, mounting bracket, a 30 amp, heavy-duty relay, and all electrical connectors and wiring needed for pain-free installation

The TCI Electric Shift Solenoid Kit works with your RPM switch or timer to make that first shift for you automatically. This shifting aid eliminates the inconsistency that occurs when manually shifting and does not interfere with the manual use of the shifter.

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