TCI Automotive Takes On The Tough Guy Persona For Towing

The 1980s gave us major socioeconomic changes due to advances in manufacturing technologies and the desire to keep up with the Joneses. Buying a new car every other year was almost necessary to maintain the lifestyle of the times. Sadly, the newer products were not always as great as the reliable ones that were replaced.

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” became a common phrase. In fact, the late Kenny Rogers wrote a song by that title that was used in the mid-80s movie, Tough Guys. It seemed to fit how many people were feeling at the time: Products were being made cheaper and less reliable than they used to be in the past. We’re not saying that today’s products are poorly made, but TCI Automotive is making a push to get performance without having to buy a new truck to keep up with your neighbors.

Power Up

TCI Automotive’s latest marketing campaign hits us right where we live. Power Up for towing without mortgaging your house to buy a bigger tow vehicle. The catchline for the campaign is one that should resonate with anyone that hauls their recreational vehicles. “Whether pulling a boat, camper, or trailer, we have the perfect solution for adding more towing power to your truck or SUV,” the company promises. The full campaign can be viewed by clicking here.

TCI Auto products, ranging from transmissions, torque converters, fluids, and cooling products are highlighted as potential sources for towing help. Electric fans to keep things from being heat ravaged, and fluids designed specifically for towing applications are proven to prevent premature wear or failure in heavy-duty transmissions. New torque converters that can maximize towing potential to a new transmission are offered just in time for late summer fun.

For more information on TCI Auto’s Power Up for Towing campaign, visit them online at

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