Tech Time: How To Install A MSD Digital 6AL Ignition Box

If you plan on upgrading your engine for some street/strip action, there’s a good chance you’ll also need to beef up your ignition system as well. The MSD Digital 6AL ignition box is one of the most widely used ignition boxes in the high-performance market because it works with nearly every engine. In this video, Jeremy Stoermer shows you how to install and troubleshoot the 6AL ignition box.

The key to a good installation begins with where you place the 6AL ignition box. You want to mount it in a location that’s both easily accessible, and not around anything that could harm the ignition box. The 6AL ignition box comes with wires for the battery positive and negative, those both need to be attached directly to the battery to prevent any ignition-related issues.

MSD designed the 6AL to work with numerous types of distributors and crank triggers — this allows the ignition box to provide power to engines of all horsepower levels. This high level of compatibility makes it easy to wire the 6AL to these different ignition system parts. When you’re done installing the 6AL, you can check if the system is functioning properly thanks to the built-in LED on the box.

There’s always the possibility for unforeseen issues when installing aftermarket high-performance parts, but to solve these problems you don’t need to be an expert mechanic. MSD has included in this video several tips for how to figure out some of the most common issues users might have with a 6AL ignition box.

Make sure you watch this video if you’re looking to upgrade your ignition to a 6AL unit from MSD. There are some great tips that will make the process much easier.

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