TMI Celebrates Automotive Traditions With 2021 Father’s Day Sale

From the moment the first automotive enthusiast passed their love of cars to the next generation, vehicles have become part of a family tradition. What better way to celebrate that tradition than to share the experience with other enthusiasts? TMI Products is doing exactly that with its Father’s Day sale which is running through June 21, 2021. For more details on this amazing cost-saving sale, view the official press release below. 

Official Press Release:

Father’s Day 2021 

Celebrating all the dads out there

Father’s Day is the time every year that we can reflect on what it is to be a father in this modern world. TMI Automotive Products, INC wants to bring light to the dads in the automotive lifestyle and the contributions that they have made in our community. Many gearheads can trace their first foray into the world of tire smoke and high horsepower appreciation to the influence of their fathers. Whether it be the vehicle that pops drove, their ability to identify certain models based on the exhaust note, or just simply a child and their father bonding over their shared love of the automotive world. 

The entire gearhead community keeps renewing its ranks thanks to the influence of the many fathers that passed their automotive knowledge and interest down to the future generations. When pressed, how many of us can trace our interest in the automotive lifestyle back to our fathers? In every gearhead’s life, there is that genesis moment where either working on vehicles or just taking an interest in them can be traced back to helping their father perform some maintenance on the family mobility machine out in the garage, or maybe it was dear old dad taking us to car shows. Those moments in time were not realized when they happened, but they left an indelible mark on us all and it was our fathers that did that for us. 

So for all the current fathers or the future fathers, it is up to you to imprint on the new generation just how amazing and wonderful this lifestyle actually is. And it is not only the actual mechanical aspects or the joys of custom painted sheet metal, but it is also the people that exist in this orbit being some of the most genuine, welcoming folks that you’d ever hope to meet. One of the easiest ways for an auto enthusiast to make a lifelong set of friends is to pull up into a local car show and put out a lawn chair. The conversations that result from just that simple set of decisions are the very reason that folks of the automotive persuasion stay so close to the scene. 

So from the entire TMI team here in Corona, CA, we wanted to wish all the fathers out the happiest of days. And we wanted to let everyone know that TMI is having a Fathers Day Sale running up until June 21st, 2021, and there is still time to get something for the person that has done so much for the future generations of auto enthusiasts. Go to to see all the products that are on sale and use Promo Code FD21 when ordering.

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