Toyo Tires Open Country R/T: Street Manners With Off-Road Capability

While your truck might not get into any heavy off-roading, you probably get into some situations where a mud tire is too aggressive for everyday use and an all-season tire is not aggressive enough for those occasional jaunts off the blacktop. Luckily, Toyo Tires has a tire design that accommodates both situations.

With the off-road capability to perform in varying terrain as well as a comfortable and quiet ride, the Open Country R/T Trail is a hybrid tire that is positioned between the M/T and A/T product categories and fills a role in between the popular Open Country R/T and best-selling Open Country A/T III.

Check out Testing Toyo’s New Open Country R/T Trail Hybrid Tire for an in-depth look at the new tire’s on-road and off-road performance.

Open Country R/T

The Open Country R/T Trail rugged terrain tire delivers better off-road grip than a traditional all-terrain tire, most evident in the sand, mud, and deep snow. The extra-thick shoulder and sidewall lugs dig into deep and soft terrain. This thickness also provides impact and puncture resistance. With the off-road chops to perform in varying terrain, the Open Country R/T Trail is designed for light-truck and SUV owners who want more off-road capability than a traditional all-terrain, without the noise and harshness of a dedicated mud tire.

“We are thrilled to announce the all-new Open Country R/T Trail, our latest off-road capable tire,” said Todd Bergeson, sr. manager, product planning & technical services, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “This exciting new tire was developed in the USA at our White, Georgia-based R&D facility. Our development team and engineers spent an extensive amount of time “wheeling” with off-road enthusiast clubs across the country while testing in the harshest conditions to ensure we exceed the expectations with our design, capability, and durability.”

  • Optimized tread design with large tread blocks and a three-variable pitch pattern
  • Delivers off-road durability, traction, and stability.
  • Improves wet braking and handling performance.
  • Reduces irregular wear.
  • Reduces noise and ride harshness.
  • Staggered scalloped shoulder blocks and an extra-thick sidewall
  • Digs into sand, mud, and uneven surfaces.
  • Protect the shoulder and outer sidewall against cuts, impacts, and punctures.

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