Triple the Passion: Racing, Cruising, Showing

Dahlen participating in Carlisle Nationals burn out contest

For those who choose to race, cruise, or attend shows, the adrenaline and piggy bank are usually directed and focused toward one particular interest.  The result is a wonderful masterpiece of individual character, style, and hard work.  Jacqueline Dahlen of Royersford, Pennsylvania has triple the passion.  Dahlen doesn’t own just one Mustang, she owns three: one for racing, one for cruising, and one for showing. 

Dahlen on the track

“The first time Mustangs really appeared on my radar was in 2004. I bought a 2004 Black GT.  My next addition was a 1965 Poppy Red that I restored.  She isn’t anything fancy, just a 200 CID in-line six cylinder coupe.  I don’t really know much about her history so I think of her basically as an orphan that I have adopted and I would not trade her for anything in the world”, says Dahlen.

After adding yellow racing stripes to her 2004 GT, Dahlen took it to the track to see what it could do.  “That was probably a mistake.  Five years later, it has just about every possible mod on it including a Zex nitrous kit.  It has gone from being a 16-second car to a 12.6 second best time.  It has also participated in two burnout contests at Carlisle Ford Nationals going the full three minutes and blowing out both tires!  These events only happen once or twice a year, so for the rest of the time I take the 1965 “Miss Poppy”out to local shows and spend the day with friends”, continued Dahlen. 

Dahlen decided to trade in her daily driver for a 2007 Mustang V6.  “I felt silly driving around in a car other than a Mustang and wearing Mustang shirts.  I could not wave to fellow Mustang owners while driving around so I decided to get another pony that I can drive every day.  Now I feel complete”, says Dahlen.

Dahlen placing at Carlisle Nationals

With a 2004 GT for racing, a 1965 classic for showing, and a 2007 V6 for cruising, Dahlen’s collection of fine stallions exemplifies her character, style, and lifetime of hard work.  “I am thrilled to finally be an All-Mustang Family.  Oh, and I think I forgot to mention, this Mustang chick is 66 years old”, says Dahlen.  Although she discovered her passion for Mustangs a little later in life, Jacqueline Dahlen is just as passionate about her Mustangs as even a teenaged enthusiast.

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