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Have you upgraded the alternator in your classic? Did you decide that, because of other upgrades, you needed an alternator with a higher output? If so, what did you do about the charge wire for your new system? If you are still using the tiny, OE-sized charge wire supplied by the factory, you could be headed for trouble. That is because the factory wire is not designed to handle the higher output a new, higher amp alternator will deliver. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories, Ltd. Announces New 6-Gauge Alternator Charge Wire. Alternators are critical to the electrical system and keeping a charge in the battery. Without the alternator, all of the electrical components would not get powered. When something is wrong with the charging system, there is usually only a couple of causes. A bad battery or a bad alternator is fairly easy to troubleshoot. After all, they don’t last forever. When those components are working properly and you still have an issue, it is likely to be a wiring issue. 

Wiring issues scare a lot of home garage mechanics, but they are not as difficult as many enthusiasts think – especially alternator wiring problems. Whether you have a three-wire or one-wire alternator, it only takes one wire to get disconnected or cut to produce a malfunctioning charging system. Connect or replace that wire, and the problem is solved. 

Replacing the wire is important when fixing a broken charging wire. However, anytime you upgrade with a new alternator, you should also consider upgrading the size of the charging wire.

Size Matters

Not all charging wires are equal. In fact, there are many different options. Primary considerations are the diameter and length of the wire needed. Most companies offer a minimum cable size chart that recommends a suitable wire size to maintain a top amp wire load to the battery. Tuff Stuff uses finely stranded copper wire because it passes more amperage than course stranded wire. Higher strand count matters as much as diameter or wire length. Energy travels on the outside of wire strands so it makes sense that more strands can handle more amperage. 

Tuff Stuff’s 6-Gauge Charge Wire

Tuff Stuff’s new 6-gauge alternator charge wire was released to the public in early October of 2021. It is currently available in four lengths and feature the finely stranded copper wire wrapped in a red plastic coating that Tuff Stuff is known for. “When switching to a high-amperage alternator, increasing the charge wire size is a must to get maximum amperage and to reduce the possibility of a fire,” said Tuff Stuff’s Mike Stasko. “These are quality made in the USA and have solid copper 5/16-inch ring terminals on both ends with heat-shrink terminal coverings and a red alternator terminal boot.” 

The 6-gauge charging wire is now available in 24-inch length (pn:754824), 36-inch length (pn:754836), 48-inch length (pn: 754848), and 60-inch length (pn:754860).

For more information, please visit Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories, Ltd. online at www.tuffstuffperformance.com. 

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