Unpacking the Power Potential Of An EcoBoost F-150

It is no secret that Ford Motor Company held back the power on the EcoBoost models from the factory. Owners everywhere have been looking for a variety of ways to unlock this hidden horsepower since the inception of the factory turbo platform was introduced. In most cases, EcoBoost owners have only a few options to get the full power potential: piece together a parts list or purchase the complete, proven, and 50 state EPA legal kit from Whipple Superchargers. In the case of this 2018 EcoBoost F-150, the owner chose the latter and had West Bend Dyno Tuning in West Bend, Wisconsin, handle the install and dyno time.


West Bend Dyno Tuning installed a Whipple Stage 1 package on this 2018 EcoBoost F-150. The kit included a larger intercooler, redesigned air intake, and an engine and transmission calibration.

The 2018 F-150 came from the factory with two EcoBoost options: a 2.7- or 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. While turbochargers are known for their ability to increase horsepower via a rise in boost pressure, both these engines ultimately suffer from a lack of intercooler volume and surface area. This reduction in overall intercooler size suffocates the engine with hot air creating a condition called heat soak. To combat this heat soak, Whipple Superchargers has introduced a kit that not only attacks the intercooler, but improves air induction via a complete intake and engine performance through a 50 State Legal engine and transmission calibration.

While taking Whipple’s word for it would suffice for some, the folks at West Bend Dyno Tuning decided to get a baseline and a post-parts install dyno to showcase actual results. From the factory the 3.5-liter engine was quoted to be making 375 horsepower at the crank, however the baseline at the rear wheels on a Mustang dyno revealed this number to be 307 horsepower. Once installed and dynoed again, the truck saw an increase of 94 horsepower, this all coming from an intercooler, airbox, and tune!

A 30.6-percent increase in power is always a welcome addition, but is not the only consideration that should be factored in when looking to modify your EcoBoost vehicle. The 54-percent increase in intercooler volume means that manifold charge temperatures will be reduced throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. Best of all, the Whipple Stage 1 kit is fully CARB compliant. If cooling the manifold charge temp, increasing horsepower, and providing your EcoBoost equipped vehicle with cold air is of importance, then check out West Bend Dyno Tuning to get your hands on a Whipple package.

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