Update: The Jerky Boys Fox-Body Mustang Limousine

Update: The Jerky Boys Fox-Body Mustang Limousine

Back in 2018, a unique Fox Mustang surfaced across the Ford internet world. No, it wasn’t a Cobra, or a Saleen, or some sort of low-mile survivor. So, what was it? One might call it simply a “movie star.” Way back in 1995, a movie called “The Jerky Boys: The Movie” starring John G. Brennan and Kamal Ahmed debuted on the big screen. Never heard of it? You probably didn’t miss much. But if you have not seen it, what you did miss was one cool Fox Mustang limousine.

Photo Credit: IMCDb.org

At the time the original article was published, we did not know much about the car or its location. Besides the few random photos that surfaced, not much was known about this stretched Fox Mustang. However, fast forward to October of 2020, its new owner came across the article and reached out to us with new photos as well as a little history of the unique car, shining some light on what is certainly one of the most unique Foxes out there!

The new photos show even more rust and damage than the originals. The new owner revealed to us that the car spent most of its life in Michigan, which would explain the rust, thanks to all the harsh winters.

The new owner tells us that a good friend of his bought the car about twenty years ago to go into the limousine business. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he used the car in service until around the year 2000, when it went in the shop for new upholstery, and a new engine, transmission, and rearend. From there, a new A/C system and a few other odds and ends were on the list. Those few odds and ends turned into a couple of set backs, and those set backs turned into the car sitting for the next twenty years before the current owner purchased it.

The interior photos recently sent to us reveal a killer '90s interior. Note the old school television and what appears to be some sort of ice chest, or maybe a wet bar? Passengers are informed of the engine size by a few cool "5.0" marked interior panels.

He is not sure of his exact plans, or how much work he wants to put into the Fox. He did tell us that he has it fired up and running. His plans will likely call for putting the “movie star” up for sale sometime in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them! Your Fox Limo dreams could finally come true!

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