Video: Driving The F-150 Raptor & Focus RS In Snow

This month, Ford invited a select group of auto scribes to attend a winter performance drive event in Quebec to show just how capable the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ford Focus RS can be in a variety of different winter conditions (Yeah, we are jealous!). And what better place to test out these vehicles than to head to Quebec’s own Mecaglisse Motor Sport Park.

Winter Wonderland

Mecaglisse Motor Sport Park feature 15 kilometers of long driving tracks which are spread out across over 700 acres of land! (Photo Credit: Mecaglisse Quebec Inc.)

Located 90 minutes from Montreal, Canada, Mecaglisse is a popular destination for many car manufacturers to perform winter testing of both on-road and off-road vehicles. The park also offers many different advanced driving courses throughout the year as well. If offers over 15 kilometers of long tracks which are spread out across over 700 acres of land!

Mecaglisse Motor Sport Park provided the team at Ford Performance the ideal winter conditions they needed to showcase these two performance vehicles and show that during the cold winter months these specialty vehicles are fully capable of safely heading out and having some fun.

Winter Performance Event

Both the F-150 Raptor and the Focus RS were brought out to tackle various winter driving conditions including snow, ice, and gravel. (Photo Credit: Eric Novak via YouTube)

As you’ll see in the video above, The Ford Winter Performance Drive Event gave auto writers the opportunity to test the various drive modes available on the two vehicles and experience firsthand how they react to the unique driving conditions that Mecaglisse Motor Sport Park offers. From taking advantage of the Raptor’s 10-speed automatic transmission and transfer case with torque on demand to manual shifting the RS’ six-speed manual transmission and experiencing its all-wheel-drive torque vectoring system, attendees were able to test the limits of each of these high-performance vehicles under the close supervision of engineers and professional drivers.

The event was a cool reminder that after a little professional instruction, new owners of the 2017 F-150 Raptor and the Ford Focus RS can safely enjoy these Ford Performance vehicles year round just as the engineering team at Ford intended.

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