Video: A Mournful 1965 Mustang Moving Trailer Mishap

Mustangs crashing during seemingly innocent events are the things that legends are made of. Everyone that ventures out to the weekly coffee and cars affair jokes about the next Mustang crash as the cars leave the show. A smokey burnout quickly followed by a driver losing control of their vintage Mustang and finding the nearest light pole, street sign, or parked car to run into. The internet is full of these videos and we barely bat and eyelash at it.

Things start out well enough. The driver pokes his head out of the window to line up the tires to the ramps.

It is when a car is being loaded on a transport vehicle that our stomachs turn and we get faint. You simply don’t expect a professional car transporter to make an error like this. Sixpack Johnny at the Sunday morning gathering … yes. Professional auto transporter during the work day … no.

Just past halfway up the ramps, the car’s rear tires begin to slide to the right.

As unlikely as it sounds, this video is proof that even the pros make mistakes. We see the driver get into the classic Stang, put it in gear, stick his head out the driver’s window to line up the tires to the ramp. Halfway up the ramp things go wildly wrong. The rear tires start to slide to the right on the two-piece sliding ramps. The driver continues to speed up the ramp hoping to make it on the trailer before the rear-end slides off the ramps.

One of the onlookers has to get a photo before telling the driver to “Whoa.”

When the quarter panel of the Mustang connects with the side of the truck’s enclosed box, it makes a sickening thud. In an almost laughable moment as several seconds pass and the onlookers realize what happened, one of the guys watching moves closer to take a photo with his cellphone then waves his hands as he says “Whoa.”

We hope they had Farmer’s Insurance – they know a thing or two, because they’ve seen a thing or two. We can only hope they’ve only seen this once.

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Bobby grew up in the heart of Illinois, becoming an avid dirt track race fan which has developed into a life long passion. Taking a break from the Midwest dirt tracks to fight evil doers in the world, he completed a full 21 year career in the Marine Corps.
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